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What does it take to remove a U.S. president from office?

By Jan Wolfe and Richard Cowan

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Seven of his closest associates indicted for meeting with Russians and lying about it. Tried to obstruct justice on 10 separate occasions. Identified as an un-indicted co-conspirator in a felony pay-off. Lies every time he opens his mouth.

Is so senile he can't remember where his father was born.

He's done - if he makes it to 2020 for his defeat it will be a miracle...

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No impeachment against Donald Trump will succeed, just more blah blah from the Democrats and their supporters who are so jealous that he won the Presidency in 2016 against their pet favourite Hillary Clinton. With the current line up from the Democrats for the 2020 election Trump looks like he will still be around in 2024, his father died at 93 and mother at 88, Trump is still a teenager in these terms. Ladbrokes were taking bets on DT being replaced in 2024 and paying out over $100, they have stopped taking bets on this.

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Trump is only a reflection of US society, the psyche of the American people. For over 100 years Americans have convinced themselves that they should rule and dominate the globe and have elected politicians of like views. American society will have no peace or security until this aim of world domination is replace with the desire to work with the world, to share the globe, to be part of the human race rather that its master.  Until there is a change in psyche the US will be in perpetual war.

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Articles like this are a bit disingenuous in motive. The author knows no impeachment will happen. This, article is meant to make it seem like it could happen. Say a lie often enough it appears true, that's the motive behind these articles. Bottom line is well over half the population would be against and even appalled, at congress fir making the attempt. Nixon left because the people, were, successfully turned against him. Clinton stayed because the people, even right wingers didn't support it and in both cases there, was at least actual crimes to use. With Trump there is no crime at all and the people will likely vote anyone out of office who backed impeachment.

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Obstruction of justice was one charge against Clinton, who faced allegations of lying under oath about his relationship with White House intern Monica Lewinsky

Cohen claims Trump lied under oath. But we know what a liar Cohen is.

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