Facebook in turmoil over refusal to police Trump's posts


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The social media is not the supreme court of a nation. The Trump haters want to do anything to attack Trump. They forget the haters also post fake news and lies billion times in the social media against Trump. NO problem!!!!... USA is not a communist country. USA is not a Sharia law nation. USA is a free nation. Trump has freedom to speak and Trump haters do.Let people decide what to believe. Let people to choose own President. Hello haters, Why are you afraid of elections???? Stop violence and act like an adult to face the reality.

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Which ever way you look at it, Trump cuts a divisive figure, nevertheless, not everything is about him. One of the things I find about social media outlets is how they facilitate (and even enforce) conformity. Woe betide anyone who goes against the hive mentality.

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refusal to sanction false or inflammatory posts by the U.S. president.

The president hits back after taking incoming and the media whines about it.

What about sanctioning Adam Schiff's Russiagate BS? Nah...

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Not 100% sure about what is going on, but it looks like Zuckerberg is putting profit above principle. It doesn't take a genius to recognize Mr. Bone Spur's lies, but when he is allowed to repeat them ad nauseam, some people who should know better start to believe him.

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Zuckerberg wants to be Rupert Murdoch.

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I have my own mind and I make my own choices and I accept my own consequences. I do not need social media to give me their BS truth. I did not vote for President Trump in 2016 but I have seen through all the liberal "truths" and I have seen all the good he has done. I have completely lost trust and faith in all the large media outlets and whatever social media pushes. I want facts, not their opinions, they can shove those up their beehives. President Trump has my vote locked in.

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I'm not surprised. Zuckerberg didn't really seem to care that FB was overtaken by Russians intent on changing people's minds and putting a raving lunatic child in the White House. Why is it the richer people get the greedier they get?

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WHAT is with the Zucks face in that pic??? Terrifying.

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There are far more post from lefties that violate the "rules" and after the FB and Twiter folks take those down or tag them... leave Trump's alone.

In fact. just do a brief random scan of "The Atlantic" FB page, the CNN, NBC, sites and see for your self the left/basis flowing from these places.

The riots and public disobedience happening all over the USA now is STUPID and NOT honoring the death/murder that occurred and is just a bunch of criminals looting that should be arrested and jailed!

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Comments from Trump supporters looks like...


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He has to go as he's ruining a perfectly good communication platform, but with majority ownership, he can't be removed by the board.

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