Who owns the street? Seattle protest zone sparks property rights debate

By Gregory Scruggs

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If nothing else, CHAZ has demonstrated these things:

Radical socialists have no respect for the property of others. If their ideology was that important to them, why don't they collectively chip in to buy some land and live out their fantasy without forcing their ideology down the throats of people who want no part of it?

A society run by them would be a violent, dysfunctional shambles existing under mob rule.

Socialism does not work (as already demonstrated by numerous regimes, but they just don't seem to get it)

The Democrat mayor is a coward for letting them take over

They pretend to preach tolerance and understanding, but won't tolerate views different to their own.

By doing this, they are sending votes to their political opponents. So there is an upside.
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"Our role as the City is to protect both protesters, residents and businesses," said mayoral spokeswoman Stephanie Formas.

"There are more than 500 residents and dozens of businesses and employees. The City has an obligation to protect their safety and essential services," she told the Thomson Reuters Foundation in emailed comments.

This spectacle was one of the more bizarre episodes of the Dem peaceful riots show; but I will admit its been an amazing event to observe; the complete failure of leadership, blame shifting and opportunist within the ranks of these people. It seems not all Dems and Socialist are created alike and the usual Dem cannibalism is in full effect. The mayor, a Dem, and former appointee by Obama, was on national TV telling us this would be the summer of love, but only a few weeks had past and dozens of criminal acts to include murder have occurred. I find it suspicious that MSM has barely given this episode a mention, and we havent even got to the other cities and the enormous damages that were done during the peaceful riots. Instead its back to COVID blame and numbers, but during the climax of the peaceful rioting, not a word about COVID. I find that strange.

Will this mayor be held accountable for her actions? Who will pay for the damages done to private and public property? Will there be any reasonable accountability and reporting by MSM?

It seems the mayor should of picked a role; become a protester and abandon her office, or direct authority and leadership as an elected official and protect the people who elected her. Im now confused by the logic, did she think her initial actions would later result in more votes or just didnt think it through?

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But residents and businesses who have spent weeks behind barricades put up by the city to contain the protest zone 

“by the city”? Some? There is video of protesters dragging barriers into place.

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