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FIFA plays God with winter World Cup talk

By John Leicester

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Oil money speaks loud and clear.

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Somehow I don't think God cares that much about sports or the World Cup.

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Qatar should just cough up a little more money and buy the World Cup title. We all know FIFA would obviously go for it. Then we can all forget about the idea of moving the World Cup that year.

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I don't understand the fuss to be honest... Qatar are still saying it CAN be done in the summer with the planned event used in their bid. Do FIFA doubt it that much???

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If summer heat is such a concern why was the Quatar bid in there in the 1st place?

I got the gut-feeling that they want the Cup moved from Quatar and this is a stunt designed to get them to give it up.

Plenty of time to build the Stadiums and I am sure they will quiet a bit of outside contractors, etc.

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...they want the Cup moved from Quatar and this is a stunt designed to get them to give it up.

I wouldnt put it past FIFA but they cant accept all that delicious bribe money and then betray Qatar. No bidding nations would be prepared to bribe FIFA in the future.

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FIFA talks of moving FIFA's tournament and all of a sudden they are "Playing God"? The European leagues would have 12 years to prepare for such a move. I think that is more than enough time to prepare for any possible disruption, no?

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Blatter is a buffoon.

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Great and whilst they're at it, we might as well move the Summer Olympics to winter and the Winter Olympics to summer and Christmas to summer or even better, just move the whole events to other planets that don't have such seasonal problems. Who cares anyway?

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"World Cup"

I have a recording of the last World Cup. Whenever I can't sleep, I just pop that in and push play and before I know it, zzzzzzzz

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Hmmm, Another odd story/rant.

Assuming that the World Cup is actually a global event, hosting it should be shared around the world, which includes (oddly enough) countries in the Southern Hemisphere, whose Winter is during the Northern Hemisphere's Summer. So one must assume that their season gets disrupted EVERY 4 years whilst the Northern half of the world enjoys the World Cup during a rather long break. Is that fair? Of course, globalisation does mean that many of the key players from the Southern half are now playing in Europe, to enjoy the richer pickings. And there, lies the painful truth for me. Can I feel sorry for a group of people who earn huge amounts of cash for doing something that I hope they love?

And isn't football a Winter sport anyway? Or is the author trying to make sure that the TV schedule is a bit more interesting for longer in the year? ;)

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Had a weird dream last night that they were using it as an excuse to make infrastructure for massive detention facilities to be used for the pending Iran war! Then I looked at the map and realized that I'm probably right. Anyway, seems like a silly place to hold a sporting event.

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hey anything that can screw around with players, countries, teams cud make for a more interesting tourney, go for it! Hell Australia has xmas all the time in the summer whats the big deal haha!

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People seem to forget that the worlds seasons aren't all the same. These Eurocentric people should get over it. Maybe if top players in the Euro leagues are battling it out for the World cup (which is only 1 team for each country) the up and coming players in those leagues will get a chance to play and establish themselves.

Has only positives that I can see.

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limosine; You don't get it. most of the worlds top players play in European leagues. Even lower league clubs have some international players these days and if teams cannot play a near enough full strength team then games will be postponed and chaos will ensue.

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Qatar bidded to hold the world cup in June.

It won.

Any changes to that, changes the original vote and as such the bidding process is exceptionally flawed. At best.

Platini has suggested that other Arab states could host a game or two.

Qatar bid to host the World Cup in Qatar and no other country.

Any changes to that, changes the original vote and as such the bidding process is exceptionally flawed. At best.

It's not that people are 'Eurocentric' it's just that Qatar was awarded the world cup and now the bid is being changed after the vote has been cast. If there were doubts about Qatar's ability to host the world cup in Qatar and in June then they should have been discussed BEFORE Qatar was awarded the World Cup.

It really is that simple.

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