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Trump team resists oversight as Democrats dig in


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When I was a child, I learned about the U. S. Government, and was taught about the Separation of Powers concept; whereby the Government is divided into 3 branches, the executive President and his appointees; the Congress, the House and Senate elected by the people; and the Judicial, the Courts.  Each of the 3 branches keep each other in check so that no one branch has supreme power.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Separation_of_powers.  The Separation of Powers was created to prevent the concentration of power to one person.

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So drag W. Barr in again to answer the same old questions, while the Democrats play their petty games Trump is busy growing the economy, Stamp ya feet Nancy because now everyone is just laughing at ya, as Lindsey Grahams said ‘it’s over’

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That chicken stunt was embarrassing, and not for AG Barr, but for the Democrats, who continue to sink lower and lower as they get more and more desperate.

Also, the House Ways and Means Committee is being refused access to Trump's tax returns.

Yeah, apparently they don't realize they have no right to them. lol

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power to one person

Of course you’re right but Trump has already been held accountable by a 2 yr investigation which cleared him with no charges to answer, by ignoring the oversight comm. he and Barr are just giving the Democrats the message that it’s time to stop playing petty games and time to get back to governing the country.

The power of one, this could also be summarised regarding the electoral votes, it stops the ridiculous notion of 2 states governing the whole country.

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Of course you’re right but Trump has already been held accountable by a 2 yr investigation

Trump has been probed more than someone abducted by aliens.

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I hear that the Democrats have trained a special “Limbo Squad” to get under Barr’s skin. Ain’t gonna work but the attempt will be hilarious.

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The only wannabe dictators abusing power would be the democrats in congress. After 2 years of violating law to commit a fraudulent investigation against Trump, they are doubling down with attempts to violate trumps and anyone working for him, friends and family will illegal attempts to obtain personal information or information about their companies outside the use of proper judicial channels. Congress makes law, that's it. Their only check on presidents is they make the law, the President executes on. Only the judicial branch is tasked with investigations, procecution all done through courts. Amusing though is, after, 8 years of Obama operating as a dictator ignoring law with his executive orders, now they accuse Trump of what their guy did, flowed by a dictator like congress

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