China may extend olive branch to neighbors in 2021 ahead of key events

By Tomoyuki Tachikawa

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This is such a funny article. China to extend an olive branch, seeking membership to TPP when it is unable to take any criticism, is unable to fulfill obligations under current free trade agreements and is already going against RCEP with its illegal trade war against Australia.

How can anyone trust anything China promises? China breaks agreements like others break bread.

China can never be trusted while it is ruled by the CCP.

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On a related subject, I am looking forward to improved relations between the US and the rest of the world with the departure of the last administration. The trade wars with China, Canada, and the EU were lose/lose propositions, despite the hype that "trade wars are easy to win."

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Olive branch aside, a word on China's Chang'e 5 returning to earth from the moon:

It appears that NASA prefers to stay quiet over China's assertion of its questionable first moon landing in 1969. On 21st, July 1969, we glued our ears to the radio broadcast, hearing Armstrong mumbling his famous words 'Small step for a man, giant leap for mankind.."

It perplexed us for a long time as to why he kept an unusually low profile after his triumphant return from the moon, hardly narrating the experience of his supposedly first moon landing to the public. He died quietly 53 years later.

If NASA might deceive, what other institution, organization or agency could not? Would NASA not want to make any clarification??

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