Who should pay for higher education in Japan?


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I personally believe that all health care and education should be free. You can raise taxes to make sure that enough gets spent that HC and EDU are of the highest quality. But I think the backbone of any healthy society is free and immediate access to these 2 services.

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Education should be free to all from first year of school to last year of university graduate. Even with cases of hardship university students should also receive support grants. Terrible that young adults start their working lives in debt. The same should apply for apprenticeships and technical colleges.

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There isn’t really such a thing as free education as the student has to be supported whilst studying, we have if the tuition is free.

The US model is heavily weighted to self funding and also enables debt to be socially acceptable at a young age.

Japan is most certainly expensive.

However, most students do some job to enable themselves to buy some means of transport or a foreign holiday.

Ive seen students in Japan so relaxed having to repeat years in order to graduate.

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The government plans to tap revenue from the consumption tax hike for funding, with the tax rate scheduled to rise from 8 percent to 10 percent in October this year.

So the new tax revenue is already spent? So surely the sales tax will go up to 10% paid for in part by these same low income families.

I think scholarships for good students in useful majors such as nursing is fine, but a slacker studying ancient Japanese theater can pay herself.

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Higher education leads to better educated workers in better paid jobs paying more taxes and spending more money. The degree a student leaves with does not reflect the employment they will take up. A degree in history was considered good for those who wanted to work with computers. A degree reflects the level of education achieved rather than a specialised field.

I thought the thinking behind the sales tax increases would be used for welfare programs?

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If the Higher Education Degree leads to a job in high demand than the state should pay, but if its a degree that leads to a job in low demand then the individual should pay up front for the degree.

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Many universities in Japan (hard to get in, but easy to graduate) are the time to relax and "senioritis"

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Kids are expensive... poor people should be discouraged from having them.

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