For Russian diplomats, disinformation is part of the job


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“A totalitarian regime requires a media bubble. It requires censorship at home, and it requires your own messaging, both for a domestic and foreign audience. That’s what this is.”

Damn right, and that's why Julian Assange has been held in maximum-security Belmarsh Prison in London for three years, simply for doing his job as a journalist and exposing American war crimes.

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The only disinformation I see is coming from the main news media. Thigs like all the tanks destroyed are Russian, and they are but the same tanks are used by Ukraine. Russian vehicles are always breaking down and they use faulty tyres made in China. Russians are killing the citizens, but when you see the videos of people interviewed, they say it is not Russia but the Nazi Avos military. See videos by Patrick Lancaster who is an American reporter living in Ukraine. He is on the ground daily walking through Mariupol, talking with the citizens there and also trying to get help for them. All can be seen on Youtube.

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Seriously? I’m as opposed to the Russian invasion of Ukraine as anyone not directly involved in it, but it’s not as if disinformation like this is just a Russian thing. When the US and its allies invaded Iraq in order to achieve regime change, the entire government apparatus of the US, the UK and Australia (to name just three) went all-out on the BS about WMD, and much of the media just swallowed it. And that’s just one of many examples the world over, going back in time to who knows when. The only difference now is the technology.

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For ALL diplomats, disinformation is part of the job.

There, fixed it for you. You are welcome.

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Did the Russians make up the Ghost of Kiev and the Snake Island incident, amongst many other things that turned out to be false?

I just stopped paying attention after a few days because it is impossible to know what is really happening

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See videos by Patrick Lancaster who is an American reporter living in Ukraine

Total Russian plant.

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Hey! Russian diplomat! Want to see all of this in the rear-view mirror? Want to be paid in something a little more tangible than rubles (currently at 78.3750, down over 2% for the week, and over 20% for the month)? Want to defect? Come on over! You will be welcome!

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The only disinformation I see is coming from the main news media.

RT is not main news media?!

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What is this "big media" nonsense? There are thousands of reputable media outlets around the world to read. I have about three dozen bookmarked that I go to at least once a week and a lesser number daily. Most of these are not based in my own country and are aimed at readers from their part of the world, not mine. They are media based in Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas. What you don't see in one media enterprises reporting you will find in another. Read regional reporting from different regions of the world to learn things that do not turn up in the media of your region. Read stuff like Indo-Pacific Journal, Asia Times, The Straits Times, 38 North, AL-Monitor, Nordic Research Monitor Group (political opposition news from Turkey written by journalists subject to arrest if they return to Turkey), Middle East Eye, Reuters, The Loadstar, Maritime Executive, gCaptain, The Hill, Gulfnews Network, UPI. Etc.. Expand your reading and by doing so expand your knowledge of the world. If all you watch or read are CNN and /or MSNBC and / or Faux News you are missing a lot of good information and thus forming opinions that are not based on all the available information.

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Oh yes, read Al Jazeera and especially their outstanding "Start Here" series.

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Anyone who has dealt with Soviet or Russian propaganda techniques know that their basic techniques have not changed in over 100 years. What has changes are the tools available to them to spread their disinformation. Social media makes their job quicker and far easier, but back in the Cold War they were doing the same things in the print media and on radio. Their diplomats were spying just as brazenly then as they do now. Instead of hacking websites they would hang out near telephone company repeaters in a van equipped with a big receiver, sucking up every conversation coming through that repeater and using key word search engines ( and this is where the key word search originated ) to determine which conversations to record and send back to Moscow for analysis. Off the coasts of major US and allied naval bases the Soviets had intelligence gathering ships with all kinds of sophisticated electronics on them sitting just outside the territorial limit recording all the radio traffic they could for analysis. Now they sit in an office hacking foreign IT to learn the secrets of their enemies in the west. The same but different. No big surprise for an old guy like me who's been around the military for a while.

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The suspect thing about this Patrick Lancaster fraud is that he only runs around Russian controlled areas angling for anti-Ukranian views. As if Putin is gonna allow an independent American to have free access to report, when he won't even allow his own citizens free access to media. I get that both sides have an agenda to report but this guy is anything but independent. He is part of Putins propaganda machine.

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For David Klepper/and for many others/spreading of one sided antirussian propaganda or say-disinformation is part of the job.

No doubts.

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Total Russian plant.

Patrick Lancaster is pro Russian, and reports mainly ( well, almost entirely) news from the Russian side. He is also however, honest in his reporting. He doesn't make up stories about Russian gains and Ukrainian planes being shot down.

Maybe worth watching to get a balance to the pro Ukrainian views, often exaggerated or purely fabricated shown on almost all western news outlets.

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I'm not interested in any pro Russian views. Putin is a fascist dictator and scum like Patrick enable him.

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Did the Russians make up the Ghost of Kiev and the Snake Island incident, amongst many other things that turned out to be false?

What most of us call propaganda, fake news, disinformation and outright lies, the western MSM calls 'morale booster'.

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