Forget dystopian scenarios – AI is pervasive today, and the risks are often hidden

By Anjana Susarla

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This alone shows again, as another prove, that there isn't any intelligence involved in those AI systems, also no artificial one, otherwise they would of course very easily detect themselves any bias in the data they are fed with. No, AI systems are in fact only based on very simple and formal mathematical calculations, like regression, matrix multiplication, probability and such, although in a very huge number and at enormous speed. We surely don't have to fear AI, because it's neither intelligent nor autonomous. We only have to fear, like always, the very big human players that use those new tools and sometimes have the idea to use it against other people or for bad purposes.

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Well if past is precedent, only Europe will look to protect personal data from this technology.

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Stop being so scared of the future. After the usual teething troubles, we will cope just fine.

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