From election to COVID, 9/11 conspiracies cast a long shadow


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I've watched Loose Change and it is an incredible documentary that tries to address issues carefully and intelligently. It is a shame that conspiracy theorists use it as a springboard for more whacky claims, instead of actually addressing the issues properly

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What is a conspiracy? Two or more people secretly use influence to manipulate events in their favor. In other words, conspiracy is the stuff of history. The full story is almost never told the first, second, or third time around. People who crave power have an interest in keeping their conspiracies hidden.

Take America’s entry into WWI and the sinking of the Lusitania, for example. The government and historians long treated the torpedoing of the Lusitania as a dastardly, unprovoked attack on an innocent civilian passenger liner.

Eighty years later, when a submersible found the shipwreck, a different story emerged. An entire deck of the ship had been loaded with munitions bound for Britain. Germany had knowledge of this and tried to take out advertisements in every major newspaper in the Northeast, warning people not to board the ship because it was being used to ferry munitions and would be targeted by U-boats. J.P. Morgan, who had a financial stake in the munitions shipment and who strongly wanted the U.S. to enter the war, suppressed these ads in nearly every paper. The ship sailed with most of the American public oblivious.

The British, for their part, gave the Lusitania a destroyer escort for the first part of the voyage. Then they pulled off the escort and directed the Lusitania to sail through waters in which a U-boat has been spotted only a day or two earlier. The ship was sunk, and Wilson used this as a pretext to drag America to war.

If one had said in 1918 that J.P. Morgan and the American and British governments conspired to set up the Lusitania disaster and hide the truth from the public, one would have been called a “loony, fringe conspiracy theorist,” or whatever the equivalent of that in the parlance of the time. For decades, the U.S. government resolutely claimed there were no munitions on board. That was finally proven a lie. The conspiracy theorists had told the more accurate version of history.

Moving backward and forward in history, how often has this been the case, that conspiracy theories approximated the truth far more accurately than the official accounts?

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2200 highly credentialed architects and engineers in the organization Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth convincingly claim that the collapses of the twin towers could not have been caused by the impacts of the planes, but that the free-fall collapses were entirely consistent with controlled demolition. Nearby Building 7 which was not hit by planes collapsed in an identical manner. Why would these experts put their reputations on the line if not based on fact?

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Humans have been conspiring for political, financial and other gains since Adam and Eve. Why should it be any surprise at all that there are behind the scenes actors doing just that in regards to elections, 9/11, Covid or anything else? That doesn't mean that every conspiracy claim is true. But those who have the most to hide will be the ones who highlight the whacky theorists in order to distract from and discredit the correct ones.

Don't be fooled.

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"There were, of course, conspiracy theories before 9/11 happened – John F Kennedy’s assassination, the moon landing, a supposed 1947 UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico. And the country’s interest in alternative, fringe theories was on the rise before 9/11, exemplified by the 1990s show “The X-Files,” with its taglines of “The truth is out there” and “trust no one.”"

JFK was assassinated by the Cigarette Smoking Man who pinned it on Lee Harvey Oswald. The Roswell alien spacecraft crash was caused by magnetite, and there were many other alien spacecraft crashes which were covered up better by the Syndicate, like the one in Townsend, Wisconsin.

Sadly the X-Files original run ended a few months after 9/11. However, I am also inclined to believe that 9/11 was the handiwork of aliens.

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Polls show belief in 9/11 conspiracy theories peaked in the years immediately following the attack, then subsided about the time The Big Bang Theory and Grays Anatomy started.


Im still waiting to hear who had placed the massive put options only on the airline companies that were involved in the crashes.

And I read recently that some JFK files were still going to be classified and not released to the public.


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Good job. Someone paying attention...hanging around here ya kinda forget there may be some who read and learn history...

Two years before winning her seat in Congress in 2020, Georgia Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene said she doubted that a plane had actually hit the Pentagon. Last year she acknowledged that she had been wrong, and sought to deflect blame by saying it was the government's fault that she spread misinformation.

Did they finally find some aircraft parts at the Pentagon or explain the original hole not large enough to accommodate an aircraft body and no 'wing marks' (see: WWTC tower penetration images) where the the wings and engines would have hit the's another 'conspiracy theory': Someone explained to Marjorie Green what would happen to her or her family or her political career if she continued denying the NIST 9/11 story...

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