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Generative AI is forcing people to rethink what it means to be authentic

By Victor R. Lee

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When the only things that cannot be doubted are your own thoughts, we are back to Descartes. Except your thoughts may actually be generated elsewhere and you are merely their vehicle, like in madness, or you doubt everything, including evidence, such as with conspiracy theories, and reject everything that doesn't tally with your preconceived ideas until you don't even see it and eventually end up regarding everything as a figment of your own mind - solipsism. This is where we are going, and it started long before AI came on the scene. AI just accelerates it.

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Artificial intelligence is a new reality that many are trying to drive into the framework of the old past. How we will live in a world where a subject with the possibilities of God has appeared in reality is a complex, but secondary question. The main thing is that we will live, because today exponential threats from artificial intelligence make up only 10%, and from the human factor that controls the nuclear suitcase - 90%. And only he, the AI, is able to eliminate this threat. Humanity has no choice - either it will destroy itself, or give AI a chance not to destroy us. And of course, artificial intelligence is stronger than humans, but are we destroying ants?

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