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Gingrich gambles in bid to catch Romney


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Gingrich, the nutty new flavor of the month.

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"unorthodox stands on immigration, Social Security retirement benefits and other issues"

Those other issues obviously include marriage...

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My first choice is Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, Michelle Bachman, John Huntsman, etc etc.. however I want someone who can beat Obama and the billion dollars he is expected to raise, so I am a supporter of Mitt Romney all the way and have already donated money to his campaign. It's about beating Obama, not who's closer to being perfect.

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Newt Gingrich, a political gambler his whole life

Translation: I hope my wife doesn't find out I'm cheating on her during campaign season.


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"I hope my wife doesn't find out I'm cheating on her during campaign season"

Gosh, shouldn't people secure some kind of evidence before accusing other people of stuff?

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