Guns on the ballot: How mixed U.S. midterm results will affect firearm policy

By Alex McCourt

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Remember the constant refrain of "inflation and crime" from our far-right friends over the past year - the cacophony of rants, screams, and dire warnings of disaster?

You couldn't go one day without Hannity, Carlson or Ingraham yelling about our society collapsing...

Every Repub pol when asked about the weather would reply with "its all about crime and inflation"....

So now that they have the gavel, and can develop policy and legislation to fix these "inherent dangers" to our way of life, what are they doing?

Well, they are investigating this new danger to our country, one more serious evidently that crime and inflation....Hunter's laptop...ROFL...

What a bunch of lying, craven clowns....

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Not a lot. Individual States might take a look at the issue, give speeches, other than that, this administration won’t do anything because even their base and very large percentage of them are gun owners.

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Looking forward to teaching my nephew how to shoot, after a long gun safety session this Thanksgiving. Going to teach him on my grandfather's .22 bolt action rifle. Used to shoot mistletoe out of a tree with him on his farm for my grandmother for Christmas with that same rifle as a kid.

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Under Oregon Measure 114, all would-be gun buyers will be required to first acquire a permit from local law enforcement. To acquire a permit, applicants will need to be fingerprinted, pass a background check and undergo safety training.

And the Sherifs are refusing to enforce it. Unconstitutional.

Ahhh, fantastic memories of grandpa and grandmas farm in southern Illinois during Thanksgiving. Skeet shooting and rabbit and quail hunting. I was an excellent shot.

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Only about 48% of Americans are gun owners.

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Most voters want common-sense gun laws. The powerful gun lobby spends a lot of money to prevent common-sense gun laws.

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