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Here's hoping Formula One gets even more boring

By John Leicester

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Formula 1 should be banned very soon - a finite resource (oil) going up in smoke as very similar cars drive round and round a track for entertainment, not forgetting all the oil they need to cart their F1 circus from country to country. In 20-30 years time, when oil is truly running out, we will all shake our heads in disbelief at our complete stupidity. Without oil, we will be heading back toward the stone age, for more or less everything we use in our lives needs it.

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As devout Schumacher fan since 92 I alogise. One more make it 8 and we are out of their

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Wait, you mean it can get more boring???

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Too much technology killed F1. Totally uninteresting.

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This article sure isn't biased. Some people still enjoy F1. The race in Bahrain was boring, but you still gotta have the skills to land your spot on the grid.

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Reads like code speak for "We want more crashes!"

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Why not make it like British Touring Car where they bash the *** out of each other? More contact = more fun.

With all the makers pulling out of WRC, it will probably go the way of F1 soon, too : (

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I also thought that Bahrain Grand Prix was very boring.

They had had a technical group studying the aerodynamics, which could make F1 cars easily overtake other cars. The cars which had the concept debuted on Australia Grand Prix last season, but cars equipped with double diffusers ruined the concept. The diffuser has made harsh turbulence to the cars behind. That has made a car behind not easily overtake the car in front.

The diffusers is going to be banned next season. But the technical regulation has to be changed drastically for F1 to be much more exciting.

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I've always thought that the real reason for bringing in refueling pit stops years ago was to provide some fake excitement for the cameras, so people wouldn't notice the dullness of the race. The lack of overtaking due to downforce has been a problem for years. With no refueling this year, an unintended consequence might be that more people notice that nothing actually happens in many races.

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We need banana skins and swaying slabs of rock across the track, like in Mario Kart.

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