Hippie no more: Suit, PhD, mark today's activist


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At the same time, the leaders are no longer scruffy children of the ‘60s. Many full-time campaigners are scientists or graduates with advanced degrees in politics, business and, of course, public relations.

Just because they looked scruffy does not mean they were dirt bags. That is an insult to my relatives that lived that era. They all have advanced degrees.

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Fantastic article, thank you for giving us such an interesting insight into what happens off the streets with big NGOs

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Thanks for the thumbs up and no rebuttals.

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Give me more...they feel good. hehehe

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Last week, with a traditional bottle of champagne...

I wonder if they picked up the glass pieces?

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I have supported Greenpeace for 40 years. I object to the tag "scruffy children of the '60's!" I also supported Friends of the Earth. I have been an environmentalist for 40 years, a great pity people didn't listen to us more then, because just maybe, the planet and Mother Nature would be less scruffy than what it is now!

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Deplore: I wonder if Rainbow Warrior is pedal powered? I wonder whether they collect the methane from the farts and burps and the CO2 of the persons powering the pedals, in order not to pollute the atmosphere...never mind the pollution from the helicopter engines :( What 0.X% of the energy used onboard this ship is "green"?

How many tons of toxic material is included in the construction of their own ship? I presume they don't make use of electric motors, speakers, electronic communication devices, computers, etc. They are all made out of toxic materials in some proportion.

How many of these "green activists" installed solar plants on their own homes WITH THEIR OWN MONEY (I know I did), instead of preaching to others about installing them? How many of them are barefooted and wear self made clothes, as not to use polluting shoes and nylon fabric?

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Greenpeace uses carbon credits to off set the CO2 produced. I'm a green activist of more than 40 years and have tried to lead a low energy life style for decades, including not owning a car for over 30 years, and a very long period of growing my own food. My energy consumption has been far less than that of my peers.

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zichi: Gimme a break about carbon credits, used in this case as a loophole around real green measures... - it does not (directly) mean that GreenPeace does an effort not to pollute. My questions all stand, regardless of how many negatives I get. GreenPeace looks like a fat christian priest preaching to everybody it's good to be poor and hungry...

BTW, yesterday my house used less than 5 kWh and produced more than 30kWh of electricity- NOW THAT'S GREEN.

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So many minuses, Oh, the irony and the hypocrisy.

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"BTW, yesterday my house used less than 5 kWh and produced more than 30kWh of electricity- NOW THAT'S GREEN."

The production of all electrical power only accounts for 9% of the total of CO2 produced. So whatever minute amount you saved will be wiped out as soon as next time you jump in your car!

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Zichi, a car will consume at least about 10 liters of gasoline to produce 30 kWh of energy. It will run about 150 km. That also means that on a daily basis, my system will save about 5 liters of high octane, and about 1600 per year. How about the average big mouth green peacer? One more thing: think before trying to offend people.

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I was not trying to insult you. I think it's great that you have installed solar panels, it's what is needed at the moment. I wish many more people would do that too. Yes having solar panels for power is partly green but you also have to consider the whole picture and not just a part of it. The biggest problem for the environment at the moment is CO2 and other greenhouse gases. The total amount of CO2 and other greenhouse gases produced by all means of power generation is only 9%. The other 91% is produced by other means.

Cars, trucks etc produce far more greenhouse gases, than that produced by power generation. If you drive a car on a daily basis you are wiping out the amount of greenhouse gases you have saved from your solar panels. Having them is the correct green thing to be doing but its only a small part.

Rice growing is another big producer of greenhouse gases.

My own comments didn't contain any insulting remarks, I can't say the same for your last one.

We have a house in Shinshu, which is 100% off the grid. Solar panels, water from a well, no flushing toilet. But we are not living there currently and where we are at the moment, its a rented house so we can't install solar panels because the owner does not want it.

I have not owned a car since 1978. I have lead a low energy life for 40 years. I'm sorry you felt the need to insult me.

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zichi - I would say that the average 5 litres of equivalent fuel/day is not minute, if you think that this will add up to about 1500-1600/year. If everybody who owns a house with good sun condition would do the same (and taking into consideration the upcoming EVs who could be charged and run for free from sun only), it would have a strong impact. On good weather, I can now produce 25kWh/day I don't need, and it only takes 20kWh to charge and run the new Nissan Leaf for 120 km for example.

That explains my "think" (deeper :) )remark. Sometimes even the smartest people can oversee the meanings behind some bare numbers. I was not trying to insult but to challenge ;)

BTW it's nice to hear about other people's green projects. 100% off the grid (or even pumping back some electricity) is the way to go for everybody in the future.

My original complaint is that I can't see any "green" trends in this GreenPeace article. The new Rainbow Warrior is nice and posh, with facilities for the press and all, but where is the green in it? 30 million USD (the price of this boat) would have been much better invested in solar/geothermal/wind energies, than in such a boat.

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Carbon credits are the biggest scam. If you dont think so, I've got so,e carbon credits you can buy.

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To lead a green low-impact life is to not consume, to walk or cycle,to make use of resources that one has already. It is really quite simple but this mentality has yet to become mainstream it will do one day when we see how much damage we are really doing to the planet

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