Hostage crisis poses stark test for pacifist Japan


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Time to rejoin the world, Japan. Just like how being a hikkikomori doesn't work for an individual, so it doesn't work for a country.

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I don't see how Japan can revert to a low(er) profile now. Even if Japan decides to turn away even more from the Middle East or foreign involvement, IS will not take the same approach. Today it was those two japanese citizens over Japan's refusal to pay them 200M, tomorrow they may use the excuse of executing japanese citizens because a Mitsubishi company supplies electronic components to a U.S. or Brittish contractor who builds cars or trucks for the military. IS really doesn't need an excuse beyond, non-Muslim equals fair game.

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The group... has killed both locals and foreigners—including two U.S. journalists, an American aid worker and two British aid workers.

A slight under-reporting of local deaths, but who cares?

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