How 'living architecture' could help the world avoid a soul-deadening digital future

By Tim Gorichanaz

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quote: incorporate human values.

Not possible. They are too diverse. The best you can do is offer users the opportunity to reconfigure their own unique user experience.

Unfortunately, most tech giants (and politicians) are dictatorial control freaks.

So, asking Microsoft for a fully-functional W7 skin for W10 won't get you anywhere, god mode hacks have to be sourced online, and it may be some time before we can 'take back control' and, individually or within groups, be given the opportunity to censor what we want, if anything, from appearing on our social media or search results, rather than having Facebook, Twitter or our governments censor it for us, Big Brother style.

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Funny how we managed for centuries to build human centred, beautiful and yet functional built environments that given a choice most people will choose over the ugly award winning architect designed constructs imposed on us?

To this day houses built from the Middle Ages through to the early twentieth century sell better and for more (because people like and want them, supply and demand) than the soulless boxes and “modern” monstrosities inflicted upon them.

The same goes for public spaces and buildings.

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful” William Morris.

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