How can the world improve the lives of women and girls by 2030?


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eradicate Islam?

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Understand the actual issues of girls and women, not the lame ones American feminists on the Internet want us to care about. Realize the progress we've all made and keep communication open now and in the future. Stop making men defensive when they don't agree 100% with what Internet feminists say. Try to come up with a new feminism (including a new term) for a new enlightened age that isn't all about selfish women in American universes.

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Stop making men defensive when they don't agree 100% with what Internet feminists say.

So, you think women are responsible for the feelings men have? Wow.

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Peter Payne, have you even read the article? Genital mutilation, child marriages (girl brides marrying adult men), lack of contraception, death in childbirth, etc are the issues mentioned above, in the article, by the concerned women (not all/any might be from Western countries or "America," as you put it). There's nothing about these problems that makes them (uniquely) Western, American, or even feminist.

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@ Peter Payne

Try to come up with a new feminism (including a new term) for a new enlightened age that isn't all about selfish women in American universes.

I differ. Women should realize that the ground is skewed heavily against them, especially in backward societies where they're enthralled in the name of "culture". If the ground is skewed, don't even think of joining the race, and, for women to ask for " freedoms" is to presume that it's for men's to give , and they can also take it away if and when they so choose. Do not participate in the men's hierarchical competition ,disassociate yourselves and let the men fight for hierarchy on THE totem pole. It's THEIR totem.

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The world could perhaps stop the rape slave trade which occurs in all Islamic countries, perhaps actually force all of those countries to actually protect women instead of allowing men to own women or treat women like inconvenient animals in their country?

How about the world actually punish the politicians and elites who participate in the Sex trade and exploitation of women through their position, as opposed to letting them get,away with it.

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I did not see any statements in the article quoting a Japanese woman. Why?

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Political correctness is a big barrier for gender equality. How can the world achieve gender equality when we're also expected to show respect for religions and indigenous cultures that treat women as chattels?

New Zealand is a good example. It was the first sovereign state in the world to give women the vote (1893). A few years ago, the prime minister, leader of the opposition, several cabinet ministers, the chief justice, and the CEO of the country's biggest corporation were all women. So you could say that New Zealand is pretty far along the path to gender equality. Yet New Zealanders are also expected to show respect for the indigenous Maori culture, which certainly doesn't accord women equal status. So gender discrimination is often tolerated when it should never be.

Respect for religions and indigenous cultures is all very well, but it must be a distant third behind respect for all individuals and respect for women and girls.

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As some of the comments have alluded to here I think part of the complexity lies in the fact that almost any effort to "improve" the lives of women and girls around the world will run up against a number of cultural barriers.

"Gender Equality" is itself a culturally-informed idea that billions of people do not buy into yet. Its meaning differs even among the wealthy western nations that have by and large adopted it (or at least tried to). Going into some of these countries and trying to spread the gospel of careerism, contraception, and the elimination of gender roles, is bound to run up against much opposition, including the legitimate complaint of cultural imperialism.

It need not be a choice between helping and doing nothing; there are likely ways we can support people in the developing world that respects local cultures and identity. Or perhaps the logic of globalism requires us to just know what is best for everyone and try to get these "backward" societies to adopt our customs for their own good.

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