How does a child become a shooter?

By Brad Bushman and Dan Romer

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How does a child become a shooter?

Easy access to guns. Pretty simple, really. Kids in most countries around the world are exposed to violence in films, video games and on TV. Hell, often the most violent thing on television is the nightly news. Only, in the USA, the real thing is sitting loaded in an unlocked drawer or under a sofa cushion somewhere.

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The article says that gun violence is increasing in movies and video games. But violence in movies and games have been there for at least the last 40 years I have it memory.

Like the poster above said, the real reason is the pink elephant they don't wanna look at in the room, easy access to guns.

I have a 7 years old student that if he had access to guns, he'd bring it and shoot me in the classroom as well as some of his classmates, just because. Luckily for us owning a gun in this country requires one, being a hunter or two, being a criminal.

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simple reason.rotten society without any real values except violence and profit.nothing more nothing less.

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Children learn by example. If their parents have guns and practice shooting and watch videos showing gunfight the children are exposed to this and in most cases will have a strong influence on their thinking and feelings towards guns. It is an announced tragedy. Children and guns never results in happy ending stories, on the contrary, unfortunately. Fortunately Brazil new president Lula has cancelled the previous laws allowing a single person to have up to 60 firearms and unlimited ammunition, an absurd attempt to create private militias of radical right wing groups that want to imitate the US.

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The heroine in this story is the teacher. She kept her wits about her, and did what she could to protect her children.

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The heroine in this story is the teacher. She kept her wits about her, and did what she could to protect her children.

Sad to have to live in a country where becoming a hero in this manner is even a possibility.

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As of 2022, an estimated 4.6 million children in the U.S. live in a home with unlocked, loaded guns.

If firearms are in a home for self defence, by nature, they will usually be "ready to go" - loaded and easily accessible. The risks of are great.

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