How green was my G-8 summit?


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I have something even better. Yesterday, in a store I saw a summit commemorative bottled water from Hokkaido, with a blue label featuring flags of the G-8 countries.

Bottled water. In a plastic bottle. With a plastic label. Brought all the way here to Tochigi from Hokkaido, probably in a big friggin' truck. To commemorate the summit that was supposed to be the most eco-friendly one ever. I wonder, if I buy 10 bottles of Hokkaido water, will I also get a commemorative "F%$k the planet" T-shirt made from synthetic fibers and dyed with toxic inks? Pretty please?

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Not very green probably. Probably spent more trying to look green! Much like that stupid global warming concert think a while back which definitely was not green. Imagine all the pollution caused by all the concerts, trash, people travelling there, the advertising, the media thing.....raised awareness which I bet many have now forgot.

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I just wished people, governments would stop rasing awareness and really go about putting and subsidizing real eco-friendly things that really reduce the eco-footprint once all things are considered.

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Welt..what we see at the site is not for a sake for the green. It just what they want to show off, a good PR, a possible of making big money from the growing eco friendly market.

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Conservation is a great thing, but all this BS about man-made global warming is the biggest hoax of the new century. Just another way for governments to control people's lives and raise taxes.

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