How media reports of 'clashes' mislead Americans about Israeli-Palestinian violence

By Maha Nassar

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Real journalism is almost dead in 2022....

The reporting on Palestine has always been pro -Israel in most western new outlets. In many cases more pro Israel than actual Israeli news.

The recent "reporting" on the Ukraine is nothing more than parroting of propaganda from Kiev.

Seymour Hersh, Bob Woodward, Robert Fisk and John Pilger.....where are your replacements?

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To get a genuine and accurate answer to whether the media coverage had been unbiased or not, you just need to reverse sides and see how demonised and dehumanised Palestinians will be in the media.

Some comments here would be helpful to get the picture.

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But as a scholar of Palestinian history and an analyst of U.S. media coverage of this topic, I believe using neutral terms such as “clashes” to describe Israeli police and military attacks on Palestinian civilians is misleading.

Ok, so at least we know you are biased.

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The Palestinians repeatedly tried to carry the body, instead of it being transported in the hearse, against the wishes of the family. They succeeded in chasing the hearse away. Then the Israeli military tried to stop her body from being disrespected.

This writer is clearly part of the problem

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there is unbalance when we come to form how media "informs "us about this or about that.

this case with funeral is no difference.dont need to mention others like now popular target conflict in Ukraine.

wise people always checking few different sources,consider facts and paint own picture of story by own usual truth is somewhere in middle or even faraway.

and yes open censorship widely practised by many/yes even by JapanToday in this forum/ even abolished by constitution.

todays disinformators/hoaxers often wearing suits of serious journalists but since many of them have lost purpose of their position/as many are not informing us with well balanced and confirmed news but they are feeding us with their own opinions and "prucing" news based on their agendas colours/.most strange parts of story is that these "hoax hunters" are pure hoaxers by themselves.

Back to topic of story-situation in Palestine is far from peaceful one and its sad to say so that open hate between jews and arabs remained same strong even after decades...

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While this author is right, he is using the very same misleading tactics he accuses the media of. Calling people who literally stole the coffin away from the family funeral "pallbearers" is deliberately misleading. As they say, there are 2 sides to every story. And then there's the truth - which is usually complicated.

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