How should world leaders tackle the refugee and migrant crisis?


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Stop bombing and put a stop to regime change!

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Stop ruining the countries where these people come from.

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America, Japan and Western European rich countries tend to make dictator s billionaires with our hard earned tax monies. Nothing trickles down to the masses. That is where the problem lies.

Fences should be put up all over the place.

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The refugees crisis only began with the interference in the internal politics of these countries in the name of democracy. The politics of these refugee source countries have remained unchanged for a long time and any unrest that arises get sorted out in their own way.

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Millions of people in the Middle East have been forced to leave their farms due to the current, long term drought. The water table has become non-existent, because the underground reservoir has been pumped dry, and the rains have been too infrequent for many years now. With no way to take care of themselves and their families, and with the local central governments (Syria) unable to provide solutions to the problem, those who can have tried to flee to Europe.

The Israelis have developed a practical, cost effective way to desalinate ocean water. Currently, desalinated ocean water is providing much of the freshwater consumed in Israel, at prices lower than what we here in Southern California pay for the water that we ship in, over hundreds of miles, from Central California.

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You can blame America or other countries for "regime change" and other ill-designed policies, and these polices have indeed created problems. But the middle east has been land of constant conflict centuries before the first Europeans came to the new world. In the middle east, violence has always been the tool of first resort, and many of the leaders of these countries rise to the top with more than a little blood on their hands.

The civilizations which exist in the middle east are among the oldest in the world, yet for countless thousands of years, there has been painfully little social progress or intellectual enlightenment. Power still comes from the edge of a sword, or the barrel of a gun, and those without swords or guns are the ones who are most often cut or shot.

The refugees are people, and the people are always the final law. If they want a peaceful and prosperous middle east, it is within their power to obtain it. In the west we have overthrown monarchies, dictators, and tyrants, it was not that long ago that the people of Europe were ruled in the same manner as the people of the middle east.

Rather than fleeing warfare and violence, they should be stopping it. Rather than flee their countries in hope of finding a better life elsewhere, they should make their own countries capable of providing a better life. The refugees of the middle east and other places have to ask themselves what it is that makes Europe and America their main destination, and what stops their own countries from providing the same opportunities for success and happiness.

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