How the Republican elite turned a blind eye to rise of Donald Trump


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Many in the Republican establishment believed he would eventually self-destruct or that Americans would lose patience with his bombast, his free-wheeling insults and lack of firm policies to back up his promises to “Make America Great Again.”

So the GOP ShiaTea underestimated the prejudice and ignorance of their party?

Hard to understand why after two decades of FOXNews' race based "reporting" and Trump's openly prejudice 'birther' campaign carried on FOX to make Rupert Murdock gleefully collect all those advertising revenues.

FOX had an interesting business plan. When revenues dipped they turned up the hate conditioning their audience to beg for their favorite food, stupidity and racism, the staple diet the GOP ShiaTea just can't get enough of.

FOXNews, the crack cocaine of ignorance dealt by pusher-man Trump and Rupert Murdock.

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As if we needed reminding of the nothings that these people are.

Money is a wonderful gift, but don't love it, for it won't love you back.

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the reason trump is doing so well is that people are realizing that they can't trust politicians, no matter the party and trump is anything but a politician, .

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The Republicans need Trump. Trump's an integral part of the US business and political establishment. Using mainstream media, he's applied his manipulative marketing techniques pushing brand Trump, catering to demographic groups that have been marginalised. (Sayeth The Don: 'I love the poorly educated.') He's pulling crowds in with a bait and switch technique shady businessmen have used forever. The Republican establishment, like all establishment groups, are no strangers to using duplicity to maintain their power and control. The merger of Trump's establishment base and the traditional Republican base will ensure the powers-that-are remain just that, especially after they get Karl Rove and the other meme writers onboard to create the seven word sound bytes the masses can understand.

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especially after they get Karl Rove and the other meme writers onboard to create the seven word sound bytes the masses can understand.

Rove hates Trump. Why? Because Rove is establishment, and Trump is not.

Republican donors, strategists and campaign operatives interviewed by Reuters admitted they had misjudged the mood of voters

They didn't misjudge the voters. They never gave them a second thought.

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So the GOP ShiaTea underestimated the prejudice and ignorance of their party?

Speaking of prejudice, the term "ShiaTea" is clearly Islamaphobic. Please check your privilege and stop using this term, kcjapan. It's 2016, after all. Don't be on the wrong side of history.

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The billionair elite of the Republican party are oblivious to the reality they have created in the US over the past 30 years. The educated skilled middle class has disappeared as their jobs are exported to China and India. Trump represents what Americans have become under these conditions.

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His ability to mesmerize an entire audience with his fervor, and with his unashamed willingness to vent hatred, to the delight of his audience, while professing a love of God, and with his reliance on bullying, punches, and kicks from his minions, to subdue his detractors, Mr. Trump reminds me most of all of Hitler and Mussolini. I never expected to see anything like him in America.

"When fascism come to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross."

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I am not ran of any of the politicians running it seems as if people can accept a liar in Hillary and a crook in Trump. Both candidates are promising the people something neither can produce. Politicians are known to say one thing to get elected and do the other and say I didn't get the support of the party. Hilliary is promising illegals citizenship, the elderly better medical benefits, the young better education opportunities, the middle class or whats left of it lower taxes, Trump is saying he will deport illegals, bill a wall and "MAKE" Mexico pay for it, blah blah blah americans are stupid, they buy this crap if it was Europe they would take to the streets and demand better but the US they are too busy caught up in MATERIALISM, and waiting for someone to take them to the promise land!! Something that will never happen not with todays politicians especially the crooks we have left to chose from!!

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Trump was considered to be a bad joke...nobody believed he would last this long because they didn't think there were enough racists and people ignorant enough to vote for him.

and the Hillary is not that bad for a politician....the Republicans and Fox news have been telling lies about her for so long that some people are starting to believe the lies.....she is just bout the most liberal member of the congress

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I love going to the US to visit friends and tour, but I have to say that the rise of someone like Trump does not speak well for the character of the US people. And US friends ask "Hey, can I go to Japan if Trump is elected?" It is a joke, but it is what Japanese call a "serious joke" まじめな冗談.

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Trump built a machine that steam-rolled the entrenched Republican, Democrat and controlled media elites into the ground. No matter what they try to throw at it now -it cannot be stopped. -And they have thrown just about everything from their rigged corrupt political process at it. Even Federally (IRS -etc) they are trying to stop him. Nothing is working on the Teflon Don and it really is fun watching these people attack him or his family.

---Can't stump the Trump 2016---

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