How Trump broke the rules of modern politics, and won anyway


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Trump "won"? Did we forget there is a little thing called the election coming up?

I can understand the impulse of Trump supporters to crow now - it may be the only chance they get. If Trump fails to win the election he'll join such other luminary figures of history as Bob Dole, John Kerry, and Michael Dukakis. And given the way he's campaigned for the Republican nomination, it's entirely possible that he will fail to win. He's alienated tons of Republicans and undecided voters with his bigotry and poor behavior, and he's given Democrats enough ammunition to use against him to last the whole year.

The article also tries to paint Trump's defeat of the other Republicans as some kind of evidence of Trump's positive attributes. Did it not occur to AP's anonymous opinion writer that perhaps Trump won simply because he was the least dislikable Republican candidate to emerge this cycle? Let's not forget that Ted Cruz, his most viable rival was so unlikable that he was compared to a human blobfish, was so unlikable that his unlikablility became more noteworthy than his desire to just ban abortions or his claim that the overwhelming majority of criminals vote Democrat or his skepticism of anthropogenic climate change or the fact that his chosen running-mate brazenly lied about the content of a purported Planned Parenthood video she claimed to watch and didn't even appear to care that her lie was transparently obvious to all the rest of us. And keep in mind, Cruz was the best rival for Trump to beat. Is winning against that really an accomplishment?

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I fear the media has become so dependant on Trump to push ratings and garner eyeballs that they are now the biggest cheerleaders for him. It is, was and will probably be the MSM that will keep promoting "The Donald", not because people want them to, but because they need him. It is quite a sad state of affairs for American journalism. I think they will also use Hillary as a tool because she is so polarizing. Bernie Sanders just doesn't get people as excited either way about him.

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Trump pretty much steam-rolled his competitors, established anti-Trump Republicans, and many anti-Trump media elites. But Cruz and Kasich gave up when they could have maybe won California. After the NYC, and East Coast sweep it was pretty much over and the Cruz/Kasich "pathetic alliance" folded like a cheap suit. Trump made it look easy and now he can sit back and relax and watch Hillary lie her way over Bernie and grab those important Dem Super-Delegates.

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For the POTUS to come out fighting against a candidate, the person has to be doing something unique. Without going into Trump's merits / demerits, he definitely is rewriting the rules. 4 years ago we were reading how the corrupt democrats were raising $1 million each a day to push policies no one would otherwise want. The problem is not Mr. Trump. It's the mindset in the US that supports him. Wow! No Political Correctness, shoots straight from the hips. This style is resonating more than his words. I'm confident a president Trump will be different from the candidate Trump. He's fresh. He's got my vote.

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Trump leads the GOP party because the competition was the worst the GOP has offered in decades.

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We've been seeing the worst posiible form of populism since Trump started his campaign. I'm super glad we don't have a presidential system here in this country.

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It's called degeneration. Across the board?

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“My whole life I’ve been greedy, greedy, greedy,” he said at a rally in Iowa. “I grabbed all the money I can get. I’m so greedy. But now I want to be greedy for the United States. I want to grab all that money. I’m going to be greedy for the United States.”

Well, isn't that better than Ted Cruz's goals when he was 19: "... take over the world, world domination, you know, rule everything. Rich, powerful, that sort of stuff.”

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Trump explained, “That’s what I mean about being politically correct,

For Trump, being politically correct isn't about a civilized sense of decency and respect.

For Trump, his politically correct is welcoming white supremists as the backbone of his campaign.

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For Trump, being politically correct isn't about a civilized sense of decency and respect.

The interesting thing is, he took a lot of politics from Hillary's playbook, take NO prisoners and do whatever it takes to get ahead and win.

For Trump, his politically correct is welcoming white supremacists as the backbone of his campaign.

The old racist card again. Democrats and Liberals once confronted with the facts and realize that the racist card has fluttered and lost all its steam, there is nothing else to fall back on and then the desperation sets in. The backbone of Whites that DO support Trump a lot were former Obama supporters as well as conservatives, libertarians and people that have had enough of almost 8 years of toxic politics and reverse racism in order to be PC and now liberals are beside themselves as how to stop Trump and one way to throw a monkey wrench into his clockworks is to demonize him by using the race card. When all else fails....

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