How would planting 8 billion trees every year for 20 years affect Earth's climate?

By Karen D Holl

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If it had been done 46 years ago it would have done some good.

1975 was a tipping point or turning point time. At that stage greenhouse gases were still at a relatively low level in the atmosphere and had not filled the oceans to anything like the extent of now. So carbon capture would have been of some help.

The article talks about India. One person in India creates about 5 times the emissions of people in most African countries.

Carbon dioxide is only one greenhouse gas. There are many. Methane and Nitrous oxide emissions are rising even faster than carbon dioxide.

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How about cedar?Oh,hang on....

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It is good to plant trees, but create a diverse mix that can sustain lots of creatures, avoid high pollen ones and include plenty of fruit-bearing ones. Don't restrict yourself to native species. Use ones that will cope with a changing climate, or your new forest may die alongside your native trees if they cannot cope with environmental changes. Consider bamboo as well. It's tough, might knit soil and prevent mudslides, and if you have enough, you may be able to support pandas.

Just don't create forest at the expense of wetlands or other important habitats.

And consider that the easiest way to do this is simply to stop people chopping down mature rainforest. You have to plant a lot of trees to match one mature specimen that is chopped down. So how about making a proper effort protecting our extant rainforest. That means soldiers getting rid of loggers at gunpoint, because otherwise, they won't stop and they won't leave.

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How about if we stopped cutting down 8 billion full growth trees a year, instead?

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It would make a lot of dogs happy at least.

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Just trees will not effect climate change.

There is a ton of pollution in many countries that is a major cause.

These countries have to use cleaner energy sources and they are expensive.

A lot of garment industries use polluting energy sources and for them to change, the big companies that want cheaper garmnts production will go elsewhere.

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Planting trees is a good idea but not enough on its own. Stop cutting virgin forest/woodland, restore and extend peat bogs (they lock up way more carbon than trees), reduce your own individual carbon footprint across all your life activities and yes don’t forget the other environmentally damaging chemicals. Stop buying disposable items and “fast fashion”.

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Those many new trees, and then even planted every year, would consume all your drinking water, dear Shivam, so you and your family wouldn’t even survive in your some cleaner air until you intend to plant the next billions of trees the following year. Try better something else, good boy. lol

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We need to do more as well. Pink Floyd has been making their CDs 'carbon neutral' since the 'Echoes' release in 2001. The liner notes explain the process.

Another thing to consider is hemp growing. It makes good products, incl. paper and it doesn't take so long to do it. Canada has legalized all uses for cannibis and hemp paper is part of it. it's good quality paper, the US Declaration of Independence is on a piece of hemp paper. And it's over 240 years old.

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