If Biden decides not to run for reelection, he faces a big threat: Being a lame duck

By Michael J. Faber

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Turtle post.

More media fodder. Anybody with any intuition knows full well biden isn't going for a second term. It was obvious from the point he became turtle post two years ago.

Leftists are now putting their feelers out there to see which leftists are most popular among the leftist populace.

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There is no way this guy remain functional for another 6 years. The dementia is already visible now, no matter how hard the handlers try to disguise it.

I think they should give him a test. Can he walk down a ramp? Can he lift a glass of water to his mouth with one hand?

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There is no way this guy remain functional for another 6 years. The dementia is already visible now, no matter how hard the handlers try to disguise it.

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If Biden decides not to run for reelection, he faces a big threat: Being a lame duck

He is already a leader of a lame administration. And there will be a red wave in the next elections.

Anyway, let this man rest. He is still in shock from his "win".

Time to make America great again.

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You shouldn't say everyone you disagree with is on the left,

Predominately the left.

And that is why you fail.

Biden is a center-right neo liberal.

He was close to Dixiecrats and created harsh sentencing legislation (which many alt-rightists like to point out).

He supports massive corporate welfare and blocked legislation on student debt relief and made bankruptcy laws harsher, all popular with conservatives.

The Overton window of American politics is grossly skewed.

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The stolen election claim is one of the best arguments against democracy I’ve come across, or at least the best argument against universal suffrage.

Some of the people who still believe this have the right to vote.

I wouldn’t serve sharp cutlery to these people at the dinner table, let alone give them a say in who has the nuclear codes.


I know you don’t believe the stolen election claim.

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You shouldn't say everyone you disagree with is on the left,

Predominately the left.

I vote conservative.


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Biden has always looked to be one totter away from being hospitalised for general infirmity. He hardly moves on camera. I don't think anyone is realistically expecting him to run again. Many people didn't expect him to last this long. Unfortunately, the Democrats are divided between centrists and progressives. Biden needed to shore up the centrist vote whilst in office, with policies that had immediate and clear benefits. His few big wins were blue sky policies that will see no return for years (if the next Republican president doesn't axe them). Surely the Democrats must have one candidate who might have some general appeal, and who is younger. A bit of youthful dynamism can inspire hope, and voters certainly need that.

The only ace the Democrats hold, if they can find someone centrist enough to pull in votes from more than the progressive wing of their own party, is Trump's gift: the abortion issue. That may decide the election. If you don't want to lose your right to an abortion (and perhaps much more), vote Democrat. Because if the Republicans win, they will probably hold all four areas of political power - both Houses, the presidency and the supreme court. And then the Republicans can do whatever they want, no matter how radical. Abortion bans would just be the start. The removal of Roe v Wade has given the people a taste of what Republican power would mean. If they don't like such government interventions into their lives, stripping them of what were constitutional rights, they have to get off their backsides and vote Democrat or be ready to move to Canada.

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It can not be denied, that Biden was the guy who took Trump down in a historical defeat

Yeah, the left keeps saying that, but back to Biden, the man definitely will not run and even if he does, he is just on the mental decline and fast, not just that, but he physically is slowing down as well, can't even put on his jacket, so for the Democrats at this point he is becoming a liability and very fast.

but probably should stand down and let VP Harris run.

Harris won't make it, her poll numbers rank worse than Biden's and she's down in her 20's popularity ranking. Not sure who the Dems would push forward, but 2024 will probably be a year that the Dems need to step aside, and with everything that has been going on so far over the past year, the Dems will most likely lose the White House as well.

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To submit Joe Biden to Executive Office of the President of the United States was ruthless and cruel.

Joe Biden had retired after serving his duty.

Joe Biden deserves better, not used in such an implacable manner to then collapse on his bicycle on a photo call.

Show some respect at least for his office.

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Joe,what a "leader"...big "boss"...

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He can't possibly run for re-election. Anyone who has seen him on the news can tell he is past it mentally. Let the poor guy go and spend his final years in peace.

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Biden is in obvious mental decline. He is still obviously preferable to the revolting travesty he deservedly and comprehensively hammered and replaced, but he shouldn’t run again.

Time to call it a day at the end of his term.

A pretty decent man as far as politicians go.

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How this guy ever got the job in the first place is still something almost beyond belief. I mean come on guys, he has become the joke of the world and at the worst possible time. Such a talent pool to draw from in the States too. Think one of my personal favorites (and there’s so much to choose from) ‘Hey Joe’ moments was him forgetting the name of our then Australian prime Minister Scott Morrison, “That guy from Down Under” in a three way live announcement of what was to be a historical trilateral security pact between Australia-UK- America, dubbed AUKUS.

I think he has his own name still down, so there were only two other blokes to remember, Scotty and Boris….

It’s gotten worse since then too. Lame duck just doesn’t cut it, danger duck would be more on point. Danger to himself and the world.

Retire gracefully please Joe, for the sake of everyone, and Democrats please pick up your game!

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So it’s a threat in any case, either for him or for everyone else.

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Joe will not decide as somebody will decide instead of him.

let me guess that Trump will be back again.

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I guess that we'll see President Biden resign sometime around January 21, 2023, so that Kamala Harris can have two years before running. He will probably cite family troubles (Hunter) as the reason. However, I doubt Harris will win. The only Democrat I see that has a real chance is California Governor Gavin Newsom. Others are way too progressive. Not that he isn't, but I think he has the best chance. On the right, I don't see Trump running again. He talks the talk now, but I don't think he'll do it. My guess for Republicans is Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. We shall see. However it works out, I am tired of having septuagenarians run the White House.

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It is not clear exactly when he decided not to run again, but his announcement that he was not running was not made until after the New Hampshire primary in early 1968. By that point, his ability to effectively govern had already been badly damaged by fallout from the Vietnam War, and media attention quickly shifted away from him to focus on the candidates who might replace him.

"We had all the momentum; we were riding the crest of a high and beautiful wave... So now, less than five years later, you can go up on a steep hill in Las Vegas and look West, and with the right kind of eyes you can almost see the high water mark — that place where the wave finally broke, and rolled back.”

-Hunter S. Thompson

Before my time, but a pivotal era where there was hope by many for America to chart a different course.

Democratic leadership and Republican leadership are not doing the people of America or the world any good.

Biden needs to step aside and let others who have been inspired by Bernie Sanders lead.

Maybe then the Republicans can come up against some true "leftists", unlike the mainstream Democrats they are always accusing of being so.

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