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In a future with more ‘mind reading,’ thanks to neurotech, we may need to rethink freedom of thought

By Parker Crutchfield

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socrates didn’t have 42 different passwords he had to change all the time.

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The technology and neuroscience in general is woefully primitive. More important to focus on how AI is ruining education.

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all the ones who now develop it and know how to run and handle it, will quickly die out

You're pulling everyone's leg in here with this persona, aren't you? There is no possible way anyone could be dense enough to actually believe that technology is strictly a single-generational affair, dying with the people who develop it.

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That is another attempt of a new technology, which of course may be interesting and be applied in a few cases, but also has not the slightest chance on a bigger scale. Why? Very simple, all the ones who now develop it and know how to run and handle it, will quickly die out in their aging societies, before it is ripe and installed everywhere, and then the big remaining rest or prevailing majority, well, you guess it, they are as same capable of understanding, further developing, permanently handling and keeping it running as a ton of beach sand or an ounce of Moon rock, exactly zero or below.

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