In blessing Israel's annexation, Trump erodes an international norm


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A good bit of history about mankind's singular greed and inhumanity to its own kind.

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Putin paid for someone to help ruin America, and he got what he paid for.

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Putin paid for someone to help ruin America, and he got what he paid for.

Are you implying Putin funded Trump? I suggest you look at who actually funded Trump, and you'll understand why he does everything Israel asks, including letting his son in law come up with the one-sided "deal of the century"....

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Settlements and annexation will never produce the peace so many desire.

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I think you first need to ask yourself why not a single democrat politician (not Schiff, not Nadler, not Schumer or any of Trump's most vocal critics) has even suggested that he be impeached over the unilateral recognition of Israeli settlements and the Golan Heights. Unlike the Ukraine phonecall, these are actual violations of international law and UN security counsel resolutions. We can talk about the Russians if you want, but for all the alleged money and conspiracy theories floating around, the US has never recognised the annexation of Crimea.

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Whining over annexation is like complaining that water is wet. Can anyone name one people anywhere in the world who didn't win the land they currently occupy by force? Much of Japan was populated by Ainu people...until other people took over the land and pushed them out. America was populated by various native peoples, who themselves fought over land and resources, until various European colonies and eventually countries like the United States took the land. Britain was populated by Celts...and then Romans took the land...and then Angles, Jutes, and Saxons...and then Vikings...and then Normans. Is the last nearly 2000 years of British history just a series of "illegitimate occupations"?

No inch of ground where people live hasn't been occupied, annexed, occupied again and again a dozen times over. It's the story of human history. Don't like it? Fine, but that doesn't change reality. Don't want Israel to be the land of the Jews? Fine. Form an army and push them out. Had the Arabs in 1967 been successful in the war they launched, that's exactly what they would have done, and it would be the Palestinians "occupying" Jewish land. Instead, the Arabs lost badly, and Israel grabbed land. That's how wars work. Jews have every right to the land they won in war. Palestinians have every right to try to win back that land. Other nations are welcome to declare Israel's control of the West Bank illegitimate, just as nations did with Hussein's occupation of Kuwait, but until someone rolls tanks into Jerusalem, it's meaningless posturing. It's nonsense to complain that one country has exercised the right of conquest when each of us is living on land that has also been won again and again by conquest. I certainly don't hear Tamer Fakahany volunteering to give up his homeland to the people it was once seized from because that also would be meaningless.

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Russia's annexation of the Crimea region of Ukraine

If 97% of the Crimean population supported it, it hardly qualifies as annexation.

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The Palestinians didn't declare war against Israel in 1967

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Israel built a wall between itself and the West Bank to keep the Palestinians out but it should also keep the Israeli out of the West bank.

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