In Kazakhstan, Russia follows a playbook it developed in Ukraine

By Lena Surzhko Harned

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Kazakhstan is being protected from "outside" forces by Russia.

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But the CST forces are already beginning their withdrawal.

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A geographically challenged country.

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The intervention was aimed as much at undercutting Turkey as it was aimed at defending Russian interests or the Kazakh regime. Turkey has fancied itself as the leader of the Turkic people through an organization they, cough cough, lead called Organization of Turkic States. Sultan Erdogan has this grandiose concept of Turkey being the leader of this union of Turkic speaking nations along the lines of the old European Common Market or a mini Belt and Road among Turkey and the 'Stans. Part of the reason for the recent war between Azerbaijan and Armenia in which Turkey gave Azerbaijan direct military support was to force the creation of a corridor through the southern Armenian province of Syunik that would connect Nakhijevan to the rest of Azerbaijan. the so-called "Zanzegur Corridor" which would have the effect of connecting Turkey directly to Azerbaijan and from there across the Caspian Sea to Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan. Sultan Erdogan's own little mini Silk Highway through which he envisions Turkey having economic domination of that region. Russia has several ongoing disputes with Turkey over Syria, Libya and Armenia where Turkey and Russia support opposing sides in those disputes. The intervention in Kazakhstan was a way for the Russians to more or less slice the nads off the Turks and assert their own dominance in the region. Raspberries to the Turks.

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I also forgot to mention that Turkey is selling their combat proven drones to Ukraine. Those drones proved their mettle by effectively destroying Russian made air defense system in eastern Libya and again in Armenia. Seeing the Turks arm the Ukraine with these has enraged them. They are also angry with the Turks for rolling up a Chechen/Russian spy ring that was surveilling and planning to assassinate specific Chechen dissidents living in Turkey. Turkey had previously looked the other way at such activities inside their country but recently changed, probably because the Russians were getting too aggressive.

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