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Confusion and lost time: How testing woes slowed China's coronavirus response

By Yawen Chen and Cate Cadell

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Scary stuff. I think this is Malthus' prediction coming true due to overcrowding.

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Yes indeed, Reckless ... I've been feeling like a bit of a Cassandra for awhile now. Those neo-malthusian population 'adjustments' seem to increasingly be coming home to roost, and if that isn't enough to bring our species beyond an unrecoverable tipping point, the zero-sum games of our own self-destructive, self-predatory nature are probably more than enough to finish the job. The dysfunctional group dynamics behind containing the coronoavirus echo Japan Inc.'s institutional response to what could have been an avoidable nuclear meltdown. Collectively, as we seem to be unwilling or incapable of learning from history. I am wondering how many more such incidents we can take.

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