Trumpism will outlast Trump, who defied the odds, grew the base

By Joseph Tanfani and Tim Reid

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It has been brewing in the US since Joe McCarthy and the Unameican Activities inquisition, and you can draw a straight line from McCarthy through various presidents and elected officials straight to Trump - though it must be said that he added an element of overt racism that hadn't been seen since Bush41, Lee Atwater and the shameful Willie Horton campaign ads. At least now the racist genie is out of the bottle, and it is not going back in. If he accomplished nothing else of value, Trump rubbed the lamp hard enough for the genie to appear. It became his worst nightmare, just as he became ours.

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However, the constant or rising numbers in House and Senate give you a little indication that something must have gone wrong. You can’t tell me that the masses still strongly favor the Republicans in Congress and at the same time throw away their political intentions and send election letters to be counted for Biden while the majority in the waiting lines voted also still strongly for Trump. It’s not directly my cup of tea, but I smell a lot of statistical irregularities too.

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Do they allow inmates to use Twitter from behind bars?

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Something fishy about this election

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Trump is a flight risk.

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@Sven Asai,

You make good points. I havent got into the weeds about the alleged voter fraud, frankly because Im still trying to catch up with Nancy tearing up the state of the Union antics, impeachment, COVID, riots, tearing down statues...I mean we been through allot, it just keeps coming up.,,,lol

I just watched Trumps lawyer give a speech about the Penn. case and the # of witnesses was allot. Do they have anything? I dont want to get into the weeds about it, but, yeah something doesnt add up

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There is a very simple explanation why the senate perform well vs. the presidential election for the republicans: There is a big bunch of sane Republicans that want to get rid of Trump without denying their attachment to the GOP. Plain and simple!

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There is a big bunch of sane Republicans that want to get rid of Trump without denying their attachment to the GOP.

This makes sense to me. I've heard this sentiment from a lot from Republicans.

Regarding fraud, I'd find it hard to believe unless the evidence comes from people who worked within the electoral system. It involves so many everyday people that it would be hard not be noticed if you were doing something underhand. (This is based on my past experience of doing occasional polling duty in the UK.)

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I just watched Trumps lawyer give a speech about the Penn. case and the # of witnesses was allot. Do they have anything? I dont want to get into the weeds about it, but, yeah something doesnt add up.

A Fox News reporter put that rumor about Pennsylvania to rest on live TV by repeatedly telling the Fox host that the story was not true. He must have said "it's not true" six times in a row. Republican and Democratic poll watchers were side by side. The Republicans however were not satisfied with how close they were to the poll counters so there was a discussion about that.

So far none of the supposed occasions of "fraud" have been substantiated. The supposed ballots being tossed out were not ballots but additional notes some voters put in the envelope with their ballots. Why people do this is beyond me and the poll workers don't have time to read that stuff. The cases where poll workers were supposedly filling in empty ballots for Mr. Biden was doctored to not show the Republican and Democratic poll watchers who were right there. The poll worker was replacing a ballot damaged in the mail with a fresh ballot so it could be machine scanned. Nothing nefarious. The supposed "dead voters" weren't dead at all. In many computer systems, a person who requests an absentee ballot is assigned an arbitrary birth date of 1-1-1900 or something similar until their ballot is received. The signature and address on the ballot still must match the information on their voter registration record. It's just a database quirk. In one case a son living in his father's home has the same name as his father. Yeah the father was born around 1900 and is long dead but that isn't who voted. The son by the same name at the same address legally voted. The Republicans are welcome to challenge what they think is a fraudulent vote but so far they haven't been able to show even a single case of actual fraud. Not one.

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And btw the poll worker in one of those doctored videos has received so many death threats they have had to go into hiding and delete all of their social media.

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but thats not the briefing I saw. He said he had 50 witnesses, who would testify they were denied access to the polls.

I agree, there is probably nothing there, but that does seem suspect. Personally, I think if Trump would not of been handed COVID, and allowed to have the rock show area style rallies like he was doing before the COVID, he was guaranteed a win. The Dems were in such a disarray, such a joke show, I would get a laugh ever time I watched their debates. with Warren and Bernies insanity. not even 12 mos ago, it was certian they would of lost. Kam attacking Joe, with a joke for a health care plan, lost Joe was clueless and other snickering Dem candidates making him look...well, we went from that to now. Trump did blunder on the COVID he did say dumb things, he got into the weeds with conspiracy and fringe stuff. Overall, however, I think Joe will never met, or beat his record. I just read a bloomberg report advising Joe to continue Trumps eccentric economic policies, ditch any Obama 2 dreams, or else all would end in failure.

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JT, thank you for this long and informative article from Reuters. Not living in the United States, I was not fully aware of some of the voter trends and dynamics mentioned in this article. 71 million people voted for him. While his side is questioning Mr. Biden's 75 million votes, I haven't seen any articles or Democratic politicians questioning the veracity of every one of his votes. (Downplaying yes, denying no). My point is that that is a lot of voters who voted for him regardless of the pandemic, the economy, the impeachment, or his boorishness and incivility. He may be like the Berlusconi of American politics, keeping a loyal base of voters and fans regardless of his political fortunes, or even potential indictments.

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He may be like the Berlusconi of American politics,

The analogy to Silvio Berlusconi is appropriate. Arrogant morally casual media tycoons with autocratic tendencies in government. Neither is as ruthless or tactically clever as Vladimir Putin or Xi Jinping, more strutting around and play acting dictator than anything. I recall during Mr. Berlusconi's first term as Prime Minster some called him Berluskaiser.

I also want to add that while the legal challenges will delay the final decision on who is the next US President, consider that in almost all parliamentary democracies there is a period of time after an election where a governing coalition has to be cobbled together. Belgium once took 353 days after an election to form a government. Sometimes none of the political parties can agree on the composition of a coalition and a new election has to be called. The US system for all its faults is pretty clean and straightforward by comparison.

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 Overall, however, I think Joe will never met, or beat his record.

Uh, what exactly did Mr. Trump accomplish to the nation's benefit? If angering and alienating allies around the world, adding a mountain of debt before Covid-19 through ill considered tax cuts, imposing punitive tariffs on allies while calling them adversaries while praising dictators and serving as a mouthpiece for white racists are accomplishments we live on different planets. Mr. Trump's policies are like the crusty white stain from a tipped over car battery on the reputation and moral authority of the US.

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Stupid people will always look for something stupid to cling-on to.

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