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Iran lurks in background of Gaza fight

By Sally Buzbee

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Iran lurks nowhere. Israel's "booga-booga" fearmongering (L I E S!) is trying to make everyone think that Iran is the enemy. Not only did their President never say he wanted to wipe Israel off the map, Iran hasn't attacked anyone, anywhere in the past few centuries, except Saddam, and even then, only in self-defense. You want to see "wiping off the face of the earth?" Look no further than Gaza. Then see who's "lurking" in the shadows slaughtering children with American supplied and paid for banned weapons of mass destruction. As I type, the body count reader shows: Gaza 700 & Israel 10.

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We seem to need to have some enemy lurking in the background to make ourselves feel better about conflicts around the world. But how often do we stop to look at the other side where they clearly see the US lurking in the background.

The problem in Gaza and in Palestine entirely rests on the shoulders of the nations who made Israel possible at the expense of the people who had lived in that region before. Just imagine if refugees from all over Europe came to Los Angeles and started building settlements. Then got into a conflict with the locals and it turned violent. Then those new people were supported by Russia and China with weapons and training. And then the global goverment decided to cut LA out of California and turn it into a new nation. Just imagine how all the current LA residents would feel.

Palestine must become a multi-cultural state of equals that includes political, economic and social interdependency by Jews and Arabs. Until this happens you will have one beneficiary state and one victim state and there will never be peace. Plain and simple.

On the question of Iran helping Hamas. There are two sides to every conflict. We help one, they help the other. They help those they support and feel are in the right. As do we. Their guns kill innocent Israelis and our missiles kill innocent Palestinians. So there is blood on everyone's hands.

So enough spy mystery non-sense about nations lurking. It is time we pressed Israel and Palestine to unify. Only then will the conflict between the Middle East and the rest of the world have any chance at all of being resolved to peace.

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THE USA is a Christian country and if you read the Christian bible it says Israel and it's people (the Jews) must be protected, Bush is a God fearing Christian so we should not be surprised that Christians (the USA) are supporting Jews (the Isralis) against Muslims (the Palestinians and their Syrian, Iranian supporters are also Muslim) So, there will never be peace in this part of the world (Gaza) etc..these 3 major world religions will be at each other's throats for a good long while. Should anybody be surprised with this mess in Gaza? No, because not even the Egyptians want the Palestinians (Hamas) to infiltrate their country and give anymore power to terrorists like the Islamic Brotherhood group. I am sorry to say California is not the Middle East, Los Angeles is not Gaza, the USA is more multiracial, multi ethnic and Beverly Hills is full of rich Iranians and Jews, living all in relatively peace and tranquility!

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"Hamas and Hezbollah have played the spoiler role with great glee, provoking and poking at Israel, and when it responds with attacks, trumpeting that only they defend the Palestinians..."

This is a game the Palestinians love to play. They are like little children who throw a tantrum and the rest of the Arab world is the pampering parent. They are the international victim of "aggression" every time Israel is provoked to action. How come they are never the victim of their own culture of jihad and death? ( Death to America ! Death to Israel ! & Death to anyone who doesn't submit to their demands ) The militants fire rockets from crowded neighborhoods with the intent of killing Israelis and hide behind women and children as sheep to the slaughter for their violent end game. Why does the world tolerate such intolerance give them such a free ride?

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Wow, quite an accurate feature for once. Though the author undersold Hezbollah, and their reasons for not wanting to open a second front against Israel. To put it simply, though they claim they won by holding off Israel in 2006, what they really accomplished, completely destroyed southern Lebanon. If they did open up a second front, Israel would respond, and once again all the rebuilding they have done, would be wiped out. If they hope to play a larger role in Lebanon's government, seeing it destroyed a second time just to score against Israel would be very counter productive.

And Libertas, despite what you have to say, Iran is Lurking in the background, providing money and arms to both Hez and Hamas. If you think otherwise, then you are at best completely naive, at worst a willing schill for Iran.

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Iran is getting bolder because Bush is leaving office. They don't think that Obama would do anything if they got involved, but they think Bush is crazy, and would launch an air strike as a tit for tat campaign

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Molenir: "And Libertas, despite what you have to say, Iran is Lurking in the background, providing money and arms to both Hez and Hamas. If you think otherwise, then you are at best completely naive, at worst a willing schill for Iran."

HA! The most hypocritical statement you've made yet! Think about it!

"The greatest tragedy in mankind's entire history may be the hijacking of morality by religion" - Arthur C. Clark

EVERY party in this war has blood on its hands and has done for centuries. Religious bias, backed by a disreputable moral superiority is the greatest evil in this world.

You wouldn't catch a nation of atheist "heathens" acting this abhorrently stupid and bigoted.

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Well, folks, the people who are claiming that Iraq had WMD are the same ones lying to try and link Iran to the obvious genocide occuring in Gaza today.

If I'm a shill (correct spelling) it is for the truth. Just stop the killing. Everyone!

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Hamas and Hezbollah are most certainly the fists of Khameini in Iran. I refer anyone who doubts this to refer to Nov.-Dec. edition of Foreign Affairs. (Comprehensive on the current political state of Iran). Also, I cite the works of Robert Baer (no one's shill and a true patriot), particularly his new book on Iran.

Iran is sacrificing Palestinians in hopes of preventing an Arab-Israeli solution, which would threaten their recent ascendency. Hamas doesn't represent the majority of Palestinians, who, in fact, have no authentic political voice anywhere in the world. Interesting how no one talks about how they are treated in Lebanon . . .

If Iran really wants to be a regional superpower, Khameini should broker the peace in Gaza. He has the power to enforce a cease-fire, after all. And he'd be doing what no leader in history has been able to do. He's be Man of the Year! Iran has the capacity to do much good. Khameini should listen to the youth. They are extremely intelligent and growing increasingly impatient with this anachronistic sultan.

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A sterling case of disinformation. Can anyone guess what this piece is about just from the title? In fact what does "Iran lurks in background of Gaza fight"? Who do you define "lurks"? And what "background." This is language for a stage play, not real life. At any rate, the writer presents absolutely no proof that Iran is "lurking" or anything else with regard to taking any action on Israel's rape of Gaza.

One can complain endlessly about Hamas, which was elected to power in Gaza, but the fact remains that Israel is committing crimes against humanity in Gaza. In doing so it is making a far better case than anyone that, like the former South Africa, it should not exist in its present form.

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Wrong button. Third sentence should read: "In fact what does 'Iran lurks in background of Gaza fight' mean?"

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Apologies to jeancolmar, but I've done a lot of reading and at this point I doubt there is convincing evidence that Iran does NOT direct and empower Hamas and Hezbollah. The evidence for Iran's involvement is so voluminous that I couldn't fit it here.

I know it's tough. The evidence doesn't support the liberal fundamentalist stance. But I don't expect that it will make much of a difference to the die-hards. As with all fundamentalists, evidence that fails to support the cherished belief is immediately damned. All I can do is invite people to look into the matter with some objectivity and some persistence.

Lobbing blind missiles into civilian populations can only have one result. In this case, it hardly seems a result that would be welcomed by the residents in Gaza. Check out what the Arab street has to say about Hamas. Everyone knows Iran is calling the shots. The Palestinians are being victimized from all sides. Iran could put a stop to it all.

Israel has been goaded into an existential conflict. Their behavior has all the desperate, ill-advised earmarks of the besieged. It's easy for frightened Europeans to point the finger at Israel. After all, if they don't, they face riots and destruction from within.

Those who equate Hamas with the Palestinians are naive in the extreme. Prove me wrong.

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Hizbollah and Hamas are Iranian subsidized organizations; those who are unaware of that basic fact should be embarrassed to opinionate here.

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At least the Muslim extremists are honest about their intentions, unlike the US!

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And what's the beef with Iran?

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