Iran's nuclear ambition may be following Japan model

By Brian Murphy

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Israel has nukes, but doesn't want anyone else to have them. Frankly this is hypocrisy of the highest order. I'm not anti-Israel, but one just needs to look at their human rights record to know that they're as bad (if not worse) than their neighbours.

Am I happy with the idea of Iran having nukes? No, but them I'm not "happy" with the idea of ANYONE having nukes, they're horrific weapons specifically designed to kill civilians, and in my opinion should be banned everywhere in the world.

What I'm even less happy about is the spectre of weapons of mass destruction being dragged out again without clear and unequivocal proof. There were supposed to be wmd in Iraq... there were none. Now they're fear-mongering that Iran might have them... it's all nonsense.

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Iran on Saturday signed a scientific and technological cooperation agreement with North Korea, which is already believed to have assisted Iran in missile development. If they get help from north korea to develop missiles let them lunch it, it will fall on their head just like the north korean missiles

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To Frungy> before you make comment about the news i suggest you learn about the topic little more, Iran is not developing nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, they swear to wipe Israel from map in public and they put these videos in you tube and internet, they are trying to kill civilians, Israel has a nuclear weapons but he never treated any nations with it, he never use the word as a card in his hand, it is purely for self defense purposes, after all it is the 6 million Jewish population surrounded by over 100 million araps what would you expect them to do fight 1 on 1? if Irans nuclear program is peaceful why they dont agree a check from UN or from nuclear experts? it is because a illegal weapon.

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The Religious leaders of Iranian government follow this verse of Quran (3:54) which says: "They deceived, and God deceived them, and God is a better deceiver." In short, they can lie to non-Muslims and deceive them. This is what their current leader is doing. Shame on him! Iran has not spent enough on its oil refineries for their own needs but has spent billions on nuclear technology. Why do you think? They have problem taking raw oil and making gasoline, but have built up more than 10 nuclear facilities in different forms. They are not following Japanese model but the North Korean model.

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" A “big and unforgivable” sin. A Western falsehood. An attempt to deprive developing nations of peaceful nuclear technology. That’s how Iran’s supreme leader addresses allegations that the Islamic Republic seeks atomic weapons. "

This is a prime example of "Taqiyya". (The islamic concept of deceipt).

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To avimazalto: I suggest you read more about the statements you just made:

...they swear to wipe Israel from map...; They have never swore to this, the statement made once by the crazy current president was: "Israel WILL BE wiped off the map", just for your knowledge, this is a passive sentence. What he meant was that history will wipe it off, not them, he never said he (or the Iranians) will do it!!!!!

...they are trying to kill civilians... : I believe Israel has killed far many more Palestinian, Lebanese and Syrian civilians through out its history than Iran has killed the civilians of other countries. Just look at how Israel kills civilians freely in Gaza. It is pure genocide. Iran has no good record on Human rights I agree, but please don't compare Iran to Israel which is far far far worse than Iran in this respect!!! Which country do you know of that has a clear record of human rights? No one! Maybe other than those small European countries that don't have any military!

...Israel has a nuclear weapons but he never treated any nations with it... : It has nuclear weapons and is threatening Iran every day!!!

...for self defense purposes... : As they say: the best defence is offence. This is precisely Israel's policy and the reason it threatens Iran all the time.

...why they dont agree a check from UN... : They have agreed to all the legal checks my friend. Please go and look into the details, the checks they don't agree with are checks that are beyond the legal checks by the UN. No country in the world has accepted such checks to be done into their strategic infrastructure. Does the US let UN officials (that are not from the US) enter its strategic nuclear facilities? Does Russia? Does Israel? Oh, sorry, Israel doesn't let the UN come for any thing!!! When ever Israel does that, I would expect Iran to do it too.

Look, I am no fan of Iran's current regime. I am a big criticiser of it, but even when we want to criticise we should do so knowledgeably. Not based on emotions and based on some inaccurate and in most cases false facts (like yours)!!!! We are humans and we should use our mind not act like a pack of wild dogs.

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Continued: ... we should use our mind not act like a pack of wild dogs... and beat on the drums of war.

By the way, I totally agree with what "nedinjapan" and "WilliB" say about deceit in Islam. It is so true...

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@ Fungry - Israel has no hidden agenda of using their nukes to attack other nations.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about the religious loonies that run and control Iran.. They are way to crazy and dangerous to have nuclear technology/weapons.

Let them have stones and spears which would suit their mentality.

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Re above - I am referring to the leaders not the people of Iran.

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One more thing about deception: It isn't only limited to the Muslims: Didn't the US and its allies deceit the world about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? Don't all these companies deceit their consumers in their ads? Every country (culture) just has a different way to approach doing it! Some based on religious reasons and some based on profits, economy and politics.

To tokyokawasaki; Looking into history, I would say the reason that after the revolution in Iran they decided to call it "The Islamic Republic of Iran" was because of Israel that was defined a Jewish state. Look at how Khamenei in those early days of the revolution defined him self based on his disagreement with the Jewish state of Israel. What I mean to say is that Israel is far more religiously biased than Iran and has a longer history in it. Just look at how the ultra conservatives there receive free money to defend Israel by praying for it, you don't see such things in Iran!!!! Were it not for the uncritical and unquestioned support of US (through its veto position) in the security council, the resolutions against Israel would outnumber Iran's by 100!!!!

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astroboy - Well we agree on one thing. as usual, stone age religious beliefs and bickering are the cause and problem..

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Perfectly said tokyokawasaki....

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"peaceful nuclear technology"? Now that's an oxymoron.

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i'm afraid that discussion is going nowhere, Iran will not let itself be bullied into submission so they will either have to attack or let it go ... chances are bigger there will be an attack but they now it's not Iran/Saddam and they definitely want no second afghanistan while the first is still going on. They also don't want the israeli's to do it since that would be surgical precision and absolute objective-oriented ruthlesness that's what the shadows told me

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after all it is the 6 million Jewish population surrounded by over 100 million araps

Iranians are not Arabs.

Regarding deception in Islam, they certainly do not have exclusivity on deceit. As Astroboy mentioned, it was not Muslims who deceived the west to attack Iraq. "By Way Of Deception, Thou Shalt Do War" is not a Muslim moto!

Another excellent point made by Astroboy: "They have agreed to all the legal checks my friend. Please go and look into the details, the checks they don't agree with are checks that are beyond the legal checks by the UN. No country in the world has accepted such checks to be done into their strategic infrastructure."

I just want to add that it later came out that many of those who were inspecting Saddam's facilities for the IAEA were not really inspectors, but were spies and they were looking for other things. Iran has every right to refuse these extra inspections.

Funny how this entire article does not mention Israel's "secret" nuclear weapon stockpile and their refusing to sign the NPT.

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