Is a new U.S.-led war looming with Iran?

By Mohamad Ali Harissi

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The Israeli mandated war on Iran appears to be taking place, quite similar to the proxy war fought by the George W (Weapons of Mass Deception) Bush administration’s war on Iraq.

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And the Western Wimps, the so-called Western Powers will follow the US into war. The US has the globe intimidated, including its so-called allies. Now we know why the talk of changing the Japanese Constitution-under Washington's orders.

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Israel's war will proceed, and lapdog America will do as its told.

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The US seems pretty intent on it.....and for what?

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This will not be good for anyone involved in such a conflict. Not that war can ever be "good", of course.

Iran is not Iraq. It's a massive country and very different to its neighbor. The PNAC crowd have been wanting to do it for years and with Bolton the hawk and Pompeo the rapturist whispering in Trump's ear, it seems their time has come.

The results and legacy of such a conflict will be disasterous. Make no mistake about it.

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Let's just say that abducting the British tanker and holding it and its crew isn't going to prevent a war.

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Once a great empire, the Iranians are a proud people. They're too proud to back down.

If there is a U.S. led war with Iran, this will be much more difficult than the war with Iraq.

Isn't Trump the guy who said that the Iraq War was a huuuuge mistake and that he had been completely against it? It's time for the Trump 2-step.

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