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Is U.S. heeding Watergate's lessons, 40 years on?

By Michael Mathes and Emmanuel Parisse

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American politics certainly hasn't gotten more honest since Watergate. Politicians and those they work with them have just got better at covering up what they are doing.

But isn't this part of the plan?

"Look! See how dangerous it's getting! You need protection! We'll hire more soldiers, police and beef up security at airports. There are terrorists everywhere!"

There is, of course, no democracy, freedom or freedom of speech for the military, the police and airport security personnel.

Beef up the heavies and goodbye to democracy!

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I remember how between 1972 and 1974 Watergate caused the American people, most of them for the first time in their lives, become interested in and knowledgeable of how what is in the United States Constitution and how the American government is supposed to work. Character after character in the Watergate scandal, up to and including Richard M. Nixon, at first denied any involvement in Watergate, and then, when cornered, whined, "What did I do that was so terrible?" The response to this whine was a pointing out that, according to the US Constitution, what they did was grossly criminal in the category of treason.

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"Is ( the ) U.S. heeding Watergate's lessons"

I want to know if the U.S. is heeding Obama's election's lessons.

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Hell, the question ought to be is Bob Woodward heeding the . . .

Since he decided to become the stenographer for the Bush administration, even one of the reporters who "uncovered" the scandals (they were getting nowhere until Deep Throat started feeding them leads) no longer speaks truth to power.

As the cliche goes, nothing and everything changed after 9/11.

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The only thing Washington has learned is to be more careful, and not to use third rate crooks. Since then they've been using professionals. Of course, the whole "Fast and Furious" scandal, as it unfolds, will be interesting, as well as the recent "leaks" scandal. Never trusts those bastards. Ever.

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