Is climate change fueling war?


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Connology at its dinest

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Since climate is always changing, and has never remained stable for any period whatsoever throughout the entire history of the world, I suppose it is plausable that it could be blamed for fueling war, which has existed as long as there have been people.

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Talk about spin and fabricating evidence. The conflicts mentioned involved people who have been going to war first centuries because it's a fault in the culture. They would war over water during lean times or times of plenty because the water was just an excuse. at least one culture has invaded everyone anytime simply because the enemies don't follow their religion.

yet another example of global warmest fabrication.

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"Is climate change fueling war?"

Not yet. But that will come, particularly in Africa, S. Asia and perhaps S. America.

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"For years", no kidding, The Population Bomb was published in 1968 and looks like the climate change people just picked up the tactics along with the mantra ("We're all doomed!").

Anything here seem familiar?:

Journalist Dan Gardner has criticized Ehrlich both for his overconfident predictions and his refusal to acknowledge his errors. "In two lengthy interviews, Ehrlich admitted making not a single major error in the popular works he published in the late 1960s and early 1970s … the only flat-out mistake Ehrlich acknowledges is missing the destruction of the rain forests, which happens to be a point that supports and strengthens his world view—and is therefore, in cognitive dissonance terms, not a mistake at all. Beyond that, he was by his account, off a little here and there, but only because the information he got from others was wrong. Basically, he was right across the board."[26]

... One frequent criticism of The Population Bomb is that it focused on spectacle and exaggeration at the expense of accuracy. ... Desrochers and Hoffbauer go on to conclude that it seems hard to deny that using an alarmist tone and emotional appeal were the main lessons that the present generation of environmentalists learned from Ehrlich's success.

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Kill your neighbor, take his stuff, and blame the weather.

Sounds legit.

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Yes....climate change affects fuels wars. Starting point Densho 32.6443...96.5333 Seagoville Texas USA. Treaties Emporer.

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Shud be pretty obvious climate changes ARE going to be a factor in a LOT of things from here on in, its going to get pretty bad in various locales & if enough are long enough can spread & then politics, over population etc etc will also be factors.

Basically all of mankind is pretty much a plague on the planet, at some point mother nature is going knock our numbers down in serious amounts, wont be pretty

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"For years, scientists and security analysts have warned that global warming looms as a potential source of war and unrest." - article

Annual Global Expenditure on "Defense Budgets" exceeds a Trillion Dollars(US) when counting just the top fifteen spenders.

Whether the weather is a cause for this spending isn't asking the right question.

The right question is whether spending Trillions on defense is defending anything or destroying everything in the end; whether the weather is the cause or not.

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