IS hostage exchange demand a bid to sow dissent


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Giving Jordan economic incentives in order to convince them to do XYZ for ISIS is like giving in to ISIS demands. This will only encourage ISIS to conduct more kidnaping in the future.

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Release the criminal, once the hostages are back then step up the war to carpet bombing the Isis areas until they gI've up or die. Start with a Well placed drone strike on the woman an the hostage takers within minutes of retrieval of the hostages. Isis won't be able to take more hostages while dodging carpet bombing.

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“Now it is an opportunity for Jordan to expand negotiations with IS to reach a package deal to release both the Japanese hostage and the Jordanian pilot,” - Oraib Rentawi, the director of the Amman-based Al-Quds Centre for Political Studies

Complete rubbish. Show these child murderers for who they are, gangsters.

This isn't religion, never was. ISIS is a thug brigade. Governments don't barter for human lives, they bring the criminals to justice, or in the case of ISIS, they cut off the supply of guns and oil wealth.

Anyone dealing with these criminal gangsters is in violation of human rights and the sovereignty of nations in the Middle East. ISIS isn't a political organization, they bury women and children alive, that's who Jordan is dealing with.

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EXACTLY what kcjapan said!!

Gangsters. Not even terrorists with an ideal. Bunch of Thugs.

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oh yeah a nice indiscriminate carpet bomb, why not go for the gusto Todd- neutron bombs, kills everyone but no real damage.

of course tons of innocent people who live under the rule of ISIS will die if you decide to bomb.

the only way to defeat isis is to go to war - and the Arabs in the area do not wish to do so- the only people who are truly upset are the western countries. that's the issue here, so in reality a travel ban should be placed on western travel to that area, including border countries such as Turkey, and then wait.

eventually ISIS will wish to expand further than Syria and Iraq - into the tribal lands of Jordon and Turkey- - maybe move further into Iran or the Saud- let's see if they get interested then. but right now- no one in the area wishes to do anything.

Jordon wanted some combat experience- they never expected someone to get shot down- i expect they will stop flying soon.

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Nothing at all is actually clear in this "War on Terror." It's never been conclusively proven who attacked New York and the Pentagon in 2001. By all accounts it could have been a false flag attack by rogue elements in the US government. Bin Laden? He congratulated the attackers of 911, but said it was not him who did it. And when he was supposedly killed by US Special Forces? No photos, he was not taken alive to stand trial in New York. He was buried at sea, without a body to bring back as proof. Who can possibly accept the word of the US that he was actually killed?

And these ISIS people? No body of Goto? All these slickly staged murder videos with Hollywood production values, and Arab terrorists speaking perfect English, in masks? What's up with the masks? Same as in Paris. Hey, if you are an Islamic fanatic, you'd think you'd want some recognition for killing for Allah?

I reckon ISIS is just another smoke and mirrors operation mounted by the US and possibly Israel to manipulate public opinion and create chaos in the Middle East. Makes it easier for them to control the region. Is Japan being manipulated as well here? What's really going on?

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