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Is it time to declare victory over al-Qaida?


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Exactly, NeverSubmit. It's all part of the Hollywood screen play, "The War on Terror."

Look for "The War on Terror II," coming soon to a country near you.

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Admitting that al-Quaida is beaten would create the inconvenient situation of having the find a new boogeyman to continue the mandate of providing way more security than necessary, so that some can continue getting filthy rich by fleecing the American taxpayer.

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"Al-Qaida was created by the CIA"

And yet Obama's pick to head the CIA, Leon Panetta, has not yet dismantled this dastardly organization. Incredible!

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It could just be the silence before the storm.

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The international Left has too much invested in Al Qaeda to let them be totally defeated. Just look at the lengths akashingo and john in naha go to in pretending otherwise.

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It's not like Al Qaeda is the only anti-west terrorist group. The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt are just getting warmed up. And they'll hold real, governmental power. With an army and everything.

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Obama's read the tea leaves and has decided the future of American force is best applied towards intimidating China. Hence, the best thing to do is just declare victory and leave the Middle East, not that we should have been there in the first place.

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They should make a man's cologne called "Al Queda"

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