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Islam's call to prayer ringing out in more U.S. cities

By Leila Tarakji

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@Logical_Fallacy_Killer care to explain what words the bells are saying? The call to prayer is specifically supremacist in its language claiming their religion as being the only one. Do bells say that? By your logic, it'd be ok to broadcast speeches a certain German made as long as its in his native tongue

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No noise pollution please.

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Let those who are adherents of Islam get something like a weather radio that announces the call to prayer inside their house for their ears only. I am an atheist who likes to sleep in most mornings.

Several years ago a local church got a bell system that was short lived. Even the faithful asked for noise ordinance enforcement so they could sleep in.

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In the US they have freedom to ring church bells. That means that there should also be freedom for followers of Islam to have their call to prayer.

I personally think we should do away with all magical thinking and practices in public

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Except it quickly becomes militant. History shows the truth.

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In our last location, we live very near a famous Zen temple. They would ring their very large temple bell at 5 am and 6 pm. Annoyed at first but then I found it soothing.

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There are said to be more than a million Muslims here in South Cal. I personally have met many of them, including our personal physician. Not a big fan of aggressive religion, and in my experience, neither are most of the Muslims who live here. Our physician said he fled Iran to escape hyper Islam.

I do remember when I was a child, that every Sunday church bells would ring out. I'm not sure when that stopped. I rather liked the sound of the bells.

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It's like in Amsterdam, the church bells never stop and takes a while to get used to.

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If they need to know its time to pray.... buy a watch with an alarm. Same for church goers or any other believers of such things.

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In April 2023, the Minneapolis City Council unanimously approved a change to the city’s sound ordinance, effectively eliminating time constraints that previously prevented the pre-dawn and evening prayer calls from being broadcast

Freedom of religion and all that if you like that type of thing, but sound ordinances are a good idea.

Don’t disturb others with your religion in the morning.

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Wake up America?

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History repeats itself with the current ongoing Islamic invasion as occurred after the fall of the Byzantine Empire.

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