It's Brexit, stupid: The appeal of Boris Johnson


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May the lord preserve us.

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Before voting for Johnson the voters should remember Trump.

Between Johnson and Trump, the UK will be squarely under the heel of Washington. Be very careful.

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No party should decide who will be PM, this task lies solely on the electorate. If , like May , you step down, then that should automatically force a general election. That would make rebels of the party in office think twice about challenging and forcing a PM to stand down, just because they can't reach a consensus or solution on policy disagreements. Politicians are there to negotiate across party lines, not force through their own agenda. They all forget , that they are only a public servant and not the messiah.

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They all forget , that they are only a public servant and not the messiah.

Agree. Boris is not the Messiah. He's just a very naughty boy.

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May the lord preserve us.

The Lord didn't do you any favors by giving you May.

Great, flattering photo of Johnson, lol

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Whoever wins will need to take a hardline when it comes to dealing with Trump and his antics.

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I am totally confused as to why people/Mp,s are voting for Boris "buffoon" Johnson, he's inept, a lier, etc, he's been on quite a few TV programs recently, and the interviewee has asked him some questions, some have been on the subject of cheating, lying, and all he could do is squirm. waffle, bumble on incoherently, trying to divert the penetrating questions. but he failed miserably, god knows what others countries think of the UK just now, are we viewed with contempt? are we viewed as lost sheep? spineless nation? what has happened to the Great in Great Britain ? as for Boris running the country, I would not let him run a tap ( Faucets ) let allow the country.

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