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Jobs at Apple: Master inventor, master marketer


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He returned to Apple and ordered the team to copy what he had seen.

Wow the author got it dead wrong on that one.

Apple didn't go and copy the primordial graphical user interface from Xerox PARC. Apple traded stocks with Xerox for the technology. Also they went on to hire many of those PARC engineers to start developing the GUI from its embryonic stage into something people could actually use. Essentially, Xerox PARC invented a stone wheel, Apple recognized it as a good technology, acquired it and turned it into a very high-tech F1 race car tire.

Arstechnica has an extremely good article on the entire history of the GUI and they explain how the transfer of GUI technology happened between Xerox and Apple. But the one thing that did not happen is Apple showing up and ripping off the idea from Xerox as this article tries to insinuate. That is completely false.

Oh and that quote about 'stealing ideas' is taken way way way out of context. What a shame.

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I agree Kenji. It was Windows that stole the ideas from Apple.

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Kenji - Thank you for pointing that out.

I was just about to do so, when I noticed your comment.

And, as JapanGal says, if the finger of blame is to be pointed for ripping off ideas, it should be pointed at Gates and crew. Microsoft's concept of business ethics consisted of avoiding being caught.

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A very fine article. And yes, Apple did indeed license from and work with Xerox rather than copy it.

Microsoft did not steal the 'windowed' GUI concept from Apple, either. It was licensed to them by John Scully, perpetually, in 1985. Hence why Apple's court case was thrown out when they sued. Straight from the horse's mouth: http://www.folklore.org/StoryView.py?story=MacBasic.txt

So Microsoft stole nothing, it was completely above board. Scully dropped the ball and negotiated an utterly terrible deal because he was desperate to renew the license for Applesoft. Gates pressed his advantage and Apple later tried to undo a complete clanger of a contract through a failed legal bid.

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