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Kan: neither hero nor flop in quake crisis

By Joji Sakurai

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Mr. Kan should read “The Prince” by Machiavelli. Or, has he already·········?

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Edano really seems to be the be the only one with any credibility. Though the "it doesn't cause and immediate health risk" line needs a re-write

Of course it doesn't help that the Prime Minister is finding out about what is happening at the plant through the new before he hears anything from the the woeful and seemingly increasingly ill equipt Tepco..

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This whole Fukushima fiasco ruined their credibility, especially when they have to scold TEPCO for their info.

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Edano is just a spokesperson, with a lot of face time for the media.

Do you really think he is the decision maker just because he is on TV a lot?

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I wonder if my own Prime Minister will be able to deal with the kind of problems and disasters that Kan-san have to go through? It must be hard on him, on everyone. I think that he and his government have been quite forthright considering that other previous Japanese and other Asian leaders (mine included) would not want to show the world how 'weak' they are.

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Trying to please everyone is a road that will sooner or later make you feel 1) really bad, and/or 2) really stressed. Why? because it can't be done. So there's where failure comes in. A serious problem with trying to please everyone is that you might be forced to abandon your ideals. Not everyone will share your ethics and morals. Stooping down, as it were, from the bar you've raised for yourself just to make someone else happy will only make you unhappy. In other words, there will always be a price to pay when trying to please everyone. What then, should we stop trying to please each other? Not at all! On the contrary, we must do all we can for each other. It should be our goal to please everyone. The problems and the stress begin, however, when we start to measure the sucess of this goal by counting how many are pleased or rather, are not pleased with what we have accomplished. and if your best is not good for some people, bluntly speaking: that's their problem. You've done what you can. It's neither right nor fair that you should punish yourself for something you can't control.

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for all the armchair critics out there, I think Kan is probably doing the best he can in the regulated circus walls he walks in GAMBARRE KAN!!

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Old men don't know anything about public opinion. Japan's deadlock within its own factions and government branches means nothing gets done. Score 1 for authoritarianism.

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This is a good article. It's true, he is no hero or flop. Not even the LDP is criticizing him too much over his actions in the early stages of the crisis.

Still, I don't think Kan will win in the next election, but neither would the LDP. At least not as big as they anticipated before the crisis.

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