Leaders are meant to keep state secrets. Just not at home.


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Republicans and Democrats are just as bad as each other. Both conniving, selfish, corrupt, war-loving.

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I am trying to understand how politicians end up with secret documents at their homes. The closest I can come is remembering the few secret documents I was involved with while in the service, and how difficult it was not to tell everyone I knew, what I knew. The idea of taking secret documents away from where they were supposed to be was too frightening to contemplate. I can also give myself a pat on the back for not disclosing things, even though I wanted to.

All that said, it was obvious back in my day that the government went way, way overboard classifying things. There was classified information that was readily available in various scientific journals, and often, even in the local newspaper. For instance, the time of every single rocket launch was known to the Soviets, as they invariably had one or more of their spy ships sitting just outside the 12 mile limit coastal limit, near Vandenberg AFB. We could be prosecuted for discussing launch times over the telephone, but the times were published in the Lompoc newspaper, and the Soviets always found out, somehow.

Another time, I found data about a homemade satellite tracking system published in Scientific American magazine. Everything about the satellites, and tracking them, and using the data, was officially secret, but Scientific American magazine was free to publish an article on how anyone, anywhere, could build their own cheap satellite tracking and downloading machines. Oy vey. So I brought the magazine article in and showed it around, and all anyone could do was shrug their shoulders. So much for keeping our latest technology secret. Nowadays that technology is old hat, but back then it was brand new.

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People who think they have been anointed as royalty think the rules are for the little people.

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When a politician vacates the office and/or Capitol, WH, etc. some hired hands sometimes tend to carry the wrong boxes out by mistake. Still, that's no excuse for the slip-ups that occur. They're potentially dangerous and can be wreckless at best. At least Joe and Pence have cooperated and haven't given any hissy-fits like Diaper Don. They haven't been shrieking 'wolf' ('witch hunt!') like the obviously criminal baby-man called Donald Trump the Fascist Chump.

And JT, why do you keep referring to that immature sassybrat as a 'leader'? He is NOTHING to look up to and deserves no respect or admiration whatsoever. He's not even worthy or qualified to 'lead' a trash dumpster.

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