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Many voters weary about Biden-Trump rematch in 2024


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If Trump gets in, democracy decisively ends in the US. But the fascists and plutocrats he represents won't mind a bit. If Biden wins, there is still a very, very tiny chance democracy can be revived. So, hold your nose and vote Biden because it is the only hope you have. This is what it's come down to.

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Kennedy probably won't win the election but he'll bring the issue of side effects and illegal coercion and mandates into the spotlight.

No, he won’t. The spotlight is brief and fickle and few people care about your vaccine conspiracies anymore.

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They can be weary, but they better vote for the D if they don't want the R.

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More and more Americans want answers and explanations on the debacle of Operation Warpspeed


More and more people, everybody knows, nobody cares etc.

Broken record.

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Cornel West, a scholar and progressive activist with a loyal following on the left.

West did yeoman's work supporting Bernie Sanders, and was witness to how the DNC machine and mainstream Democratic candidates worked together to obviate Sanders clear lead in delegates and popular support and throw the nomination to Biden. No conspiracies, just duopoly party politics.

Many voters weary about Biden-Trump rematch in 2024

Let's just say the American weal would be greatly assisted by having both of these candidates suffer..difficulties in carrying on with their campaigns and candidates more vigorous, and with stronger ideas on the left take over.

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In a two horse race any vote for a "third" party is a wasted vote.

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Speaking as an independent (non-party aligned) voter. This year's lineup of candidates is very disappointing. I would like to see more choice than the ones that seem to be in line already. But as it stands right now, I will probably vote, but frankly I am an inch away from allowing my deep disappointment from turning me away completely from the voting booth, since I simply despise voting for the lesser of evils.

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It does seem that both parties should have been grooming younger candidates. Trump is no youngster. Clinton, Bush the second, and Obama at least were plenty young enough and all did good things in office. And I am, as are many people, wary of old, old guys running.

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Biden is the oldest POTUS ever now but he sure is a better choice (and has far more cred, not to mention class) than that mental 6-year-old spoiled lippy brat-chump that preceded him.

And also note, Reagan took some sass in the 80s for being the oldest in US at the time but he got things done. Like negotiate with Gorbachev to end the Cold War peacefully. And he had a track record of 13 years as California's governor before that.

Clinton, the 2 Bushes and Obama also were experienced before they entered the WH.

But after the Dumpster dictatorship everything has been shaken. It's going to take a very long time to recover from this historical unprecedented rape that happened in America. And when somebody or something is raped, nothing will be the same again.

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