Masks and COVID-19: In the U.S., a patchwork of policies persist

By Ivan Couronne

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A health professional explained it very well: masks are to Covid-19 what condoms are to AIDS.

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''The bottom line is that if you are not sick, you should not wear a face mask.''

This, from a post that talks about brain damage....damage already done, I'd say, ROFL!

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Adult self restraint, the ability to defer gratification and all notions that citizens have obligations to something greater than their immediate wants seems to be absent in much of the white western world. Incessant selfishness will be the west's downfall. They have become too accustomed to being prosperous, able to do as they please and having all of their wants immediately satisfied, with easy payment plans of course (what do you mean save for something and pay cash ? I want it NOW). As soon as something really tough comes up that requires people to alter their hallowed daily routine and give up a few things they like, the whole house of cards collapses and we see just how weak many people are. I'm sure the Chinese are even more convinced now that all they have to do is detonate one nuke in the US somewhere and the Americans will all throw up their hands in surrender. Taiwan and Japan should take heed at American sniveling over logical Covid-19 precautions and plan to be on their own when the dragon comes calling. I am ashamed for the US.

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Dr. Fancy and the CDC nixed masks in early March of this year. No reporting on that human tragedy...

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