Monuments and statues are falling. But what comes next?


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It's time to turn the tables and burn the fables and give credit to where it's due. When I was in elementary school our 'Systems' reading books mentioned about how the Norsemen visited North America around the year 900. They explored the 'New World' long before Columbus came in 1492. Later in the same book they brought up all the stupid fairy tales about him 'discovering' America, bringing 'Christianity, peace, democracy, etc.' and how 'proving that there were no monsters west of Europe' and 'proving the world is round' and all that crap.

Is this Orwellian double talk or what? No wonder Pink Floyd recorded 'We don't need no education'.

On top of that, when I visited Quebec City for the first time last year I visited the Wendake Huron reservation and museum. The museum mentioned that European (white man) - made goods were in the Huron Confederation as early as 1452. That's right - a 'Silk Route' between the Huron Confederation and the Norsemen.

So why honor these greedy jerks who caused nothing but devastation, genocide and ruin? STOP THE LIES.

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Trying to rewrite history and cherry pick facts to suit a mindset of entitlement, resentment and reparations is just the latest version of a Marxist pack running it’s insane course of blind destruction. None of this is new, check out the history of the 20th century for references, but unfortunately those caught up and possessed by the latest version of the recurring ideologue have little interest in facts, zero historical context, nor critical thinking ability. The hypocrisy of the demands of the movement and the reverse racism goes conveniently and completely unnoticed! How does that work? I really wanna know. Failed by a broken education system and community.

It’s just time to get what’s yours ay?

A disgrace, a really sad one. A whole generations potential will be lost. Future historians will look back in amazement that the pandemic was the chosen time for the ‘uprising’.

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Interesting that Japan is criticised when its tries history revision. A time for correct history taught not just the victor's version. Statutes should have full information and not selective. Some need removal.

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Some need removal.

That’s debatable. Some figures might be inspirational figures to people and to others they might be villains, so where do you draw that line? In doing so, you are going up a very slippery slope.

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There are many good items of street furniture including statues but hero statues are often erected for the wrong reasons and the wrong histories. Some people are challenging those histories.

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Monuments and statues are falling. But what comes next?

The mob grows up, takes control and decides THX 1138

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