Most nuclear plans on track outside Japan, Germany

By George Jahn

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The biggest threat to nuclear plants in Europe is from terrorists.

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Cleverly written article in support of nuclear energy, but it doesn't mention India and Britain looking at a mixed bag of Uranium and Thorium. From the self-satisfied tone, I guess it must have been written by a supporter of the uranium lobby.

Love the Chinese Confucius-type comment above: “We’re not going to stop eating for fear of choking,” Chinese nuclear safety official Tian Jiashu was quoted in state media as saying after the Japanese disaster.

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This is a propagandist from the nuclear industry. The subtext is the monkey see monkey do fallacy. Everybody is doing it so it is okay. Japan was a disaster waiting to happen. China may be next. "Fear of choking" my foot.

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There are safety lessons to be learned. That reactors dont have to built on the coast might be one. That robust sources of off line coolant and power is definitely another. The possible safety benefits of Thorium rather than Uranium is worth consideration.

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