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Murder, outrage, impasse: How gun crime bedevils U.S.

By Sébastien BLANC

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He and Republican Florida Senator Marco Rubio called for prayers.

Yes, prayers will resolve this issue

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Even celebrity intervention is likely to fall on deaf ears.

"We owe it to our children and our teachers to keep them safe while at school. Prayers won't do this: action will. Congress, please do your job and protect Americans from senseless gun violence," tweeted Kim Kardashian.

Seriously???? Kim Kardashian???? No one in their right mind gives a rat's a$$ what she thinks. I do not care what "celebrities" think as they are part of a culture who glorified and espoused violence and they have capitalized on it.

dcog - I agree - prayers will not resolve this issue - but I will personally pray for the victims and their families.

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If the US Gov't would support the ENTIRE 2nd Amendment, that is "As part of a WELL-REGULATED militia, the right to bear arms shall not be infringed."

WELL-REGULATED is part of the damn thing. Yet, all of the gun nuts and NRA toadies always fail to mention that part.

As many nations have proven, it is possible to have citizen gun ownership AND the regulations required to keep innocent people relatively safe from gun violence.

Disclaimer: I shoot. I enjoy shooting. I've owned guns. I'm not anti-gun. I'm anti-stupidity.

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Japanese samurai and ninja respected swords.They don't exist anymore.But Americans still really love guns.This is an American culture.I don't believe that American politicians and people are going to gun controls, sadly.

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So simple -- get the guns out of your society. The 2nd Amendment applies to militia members ONLY.

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Its the type of Guns that are available in America that are the problem Australia hasn't had a mass shooting since the Port Arthur massacre in 1996 that's because the rapid fire rifles with large magazines have been outlawed. But having said that criminals in Australia don't seem to have a problem in getting illegal firearms.

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Americans will be outraged until next month, when this all blows over and we can wait for the next mass shooting. There is no end.

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At one end stand those who oppose any gun control in the name of the second amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which provides for the right to bear arms. there right, to bare arms, that can be interpreted as a pitch fork, a wooden club, baseball bat, etc it does not say to bare "fire arms,"

They argue that no law can prevent deranged individuals and criminals from obtaining a weapon, nor from opening fire in a school, what a load of old rubbish, I've never heard such drivel, Here in the UK gun laws are very stringent, ( to which I won't go into) and we don't have mass shooting every week! there never been a mass killing/shooting in a school.

The sale of assault rifles in the USA needs to be stopped today, these weapons were/are designed for one thing only and thats front line troops! nothing more nothing less.

When the second amendment was introduced it was back in 1791, the weapon of the day was a flintlock musket, in the hands of a trained person you would be lucky to get off 4 rounds a minute, not 400 with an assault rifle,

Its very unfortunate that the kids/students have lost there lives, but unless the USA government stands unto the gun lobby ( which is very powerful) these atrocities will keep happening agin and again i am sorry to say.

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Mukashiyokatta, sorry but your wrong, the statement to bare arms was and is for the public.

-3 ( +1 / -4 )

So simple -- get the guns out of your society. 

Yeah like that is really working well in the UK, where people have gone from firearms to knives and motor vehicles for killing!

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I can see Ted nuggent jumping up and down in his chair shouting "we need more guns" we need more guns to protect ourselves, as he does in a few youtube clips I've seen, in one of the clips he is so aggressive he reduced a one of the female film crew to tears, (nice chap) he's well worth watching just to listen to his ridiculous arguments and statements.

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What a funny country. "There' s no connection between having a gun and shot somebody and not having a gun and not shooting somebody. You will be a fool and communist to make one. " Cit. of the greatest standing up comedian.

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Let's check the history books @Nick in Japan and see when the last mass killing incident involving a teenager at a school in the UK was.

Hmm, I'm drawing a blank here.

Maybe you can find an incident I've missed.

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Why are you made to pass a written test and road test to get a motor vehicle driver's license, but you don't need to pass neither written nor practical test to obtain a long rifle or handgun in the USA? Seems a bit odd that they put more care into cars than firearms.

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sorry but your wrong, the statement to bare(sic) arms was and is for the public.

As part of a well-regulated militia.

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As part of a well-regulated militia

Why do people have such a big problems with guns?

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Why do people have such a big problems with guns?

Right! They make it sound like kids are regularly being shot in school or something.

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Why do people have such a big problems with guns?

Weird isn't it? Only 400 such 'problems' in the last six years. That's just in schools.

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I don't have a problem with people from other countries weighing in on gun violence in America, and yes, even as a gun owner, I agree it is a problem that needs some kind of solution. For Americans though, it will not be as easy as 'take away all the guns!', but yes, something needs to be done.

However, I do find it amusing when people from other countries (and some from the US, sadly) argue what the United States Constitution actually means, when it has already been interpreted by the United States Supreme Court. According to the highest court in the United States, the 2nd Amendment does not mean what a lot of you think it means and I would suggest anyone who wants to weigh in should take a look at that first.

-2 ( +0 / -2 )

see when the last mass killing incident involving a teenager at a school in the UK was.

Hmm, I'm drawing a blank here.

Maybe you can find an incident I've missed.

mukashiyokatta said and I quote

So simple -- get the guns out of your society. 

They meant ALL FIREARMS ... You know like the UK did and look at the killing going on there now!

Example of Mass Killing in the UK .. WITHOUT the use of a Firearm .. Because hey only firearms kill people

7 July 2005 ... 7 July 2005 London bombings ... London, England ... Dead 52 ... Injured 700+ ... A series of coordinated terrorist suicide attacks throughout central London between 08:50-09:47. It was the United Kingdom's worst terrorist incident since the 1988 Lockerbie bombing, as well as the country's first ever suicide attack.

2 June 2010 ... Cumbria shootings ... Cumbria, England ... Dead 12 ... Injured 11 ... A killing spree/murder–suicide.

22 March 2017 ... 2017 Westminster attack ... London, England ... Dead 6 ... Injured 49 ... A vehicle and knife attack.

22 May 2017 ... Manchester Arena Bombing ... Manchester, England ... Dead 23 ... Injured 400+ ... A terrorist suicide attack.

3 June 2017 ... June 2017 London Bridge attack ... London, England ... Dead 8 ... Injured 48 ... A vehicle and knife attack.

Total Dead without the use of a firearm 101 ... WOW ... time to ban Knives and Motor Vehicles.

As I said, banning of firearms will NOT stop people from mass killings, they will just look for other means of carrying them out. ... You have to be a complete braindead moron if you believe banning of firearms will stop mass killings, because it has NOT worked in the UK as the above has shown!

As for a mass killing incident at a school in the UK ...

Here brainiac

13 March 1996 ... Dunblane school massacre ... Dunblane, Scotland ... Dead 18 ... Injured 15 ... A school shooting/murder–suicide.

OK it was carried out by a 43 year old, but it is still a school shooting ... and 19 years old is an ADULT .. not a child!

-2 ( +0 / -2 )


2 June 2010 ... Cumbria shootings ... Cumbria, England ... Dead 12 ... Injured 11 ... A killing spree/murder–suicide.

should not have been on the list

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@nick in Japan. You seem obsessed with UK crime statistics when we are talking about US shootings. For your information, after Dunblane there have been no school shootings in the UK, as gun control was tightened up even more, This was a result of public pressure. As for the other iincidents you mentioned, the majority were terrorist attacks - you cannot compare these to school shootings.

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@Luddite It's not about what country it is, it is about the loony left that think firearms are bad and keep going on about banning of firearms, thinking that the banning of them will STOP mass killings, and Terrorist Attacks .. there is no difference between blowing 50 people up with a IED or shooting them dead with a AR-15 .. both are attacks on soft targets!

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Mass Public Shootings - America is.......11th.

First lets talk about what should be done in much more dangerous countries like Norway, France, Switzerland, Finland, Belgium......


Can we please all just stop with the false narratives and hype? Its ridiculous

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a totally useless test sample Zichi. I don't ask how many British died from homegrown Islamic terror attacks in May 2017 only.

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If Americans want to shoot each other on a daily basis that's their problem, I honestly couldn't care less.

Using terrorist attacks in the UK as a counter argument is just plain weak.

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