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New era name echoes Abe's national pride agenda

By Linda Sieg

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The order should be harmony first. There’s much missing in these two characters. Japan today needs more than order and / or harmony. The word heart and oneness should be included. With the increasing internationalization of the country we need to think how this nation is going to open its arms and accommodate the new Japan. We’re talking too much about the wrong kind of arms, the ones not bringing harmony.

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The first era was "Taika(大化)" and It's July 17, 645 in Christian calendar.

In this article, people all over the world would misunderstand that those are only 5. But actually, Reiwa is the 232nd.

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Did the new emperor have any say in this since it’s his era?

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quercetumToday  03:22 pm JST

Did the new emperor have any say in this since it’s his era?

The Emperor's life is shrouded in opaqueness. We don't even know if he has a say in his bedtime.

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