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News media hesitate to use 'lie' for Trump's misstatements

By David Bauder

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It's a loaded word, and some Trump critics believe major news organizations are too timid to use it.

Agreed. A great many people in the media are unreasonably terrified of this 3-letter word.

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Yeah, because we all know that previous presidents were all so honest.

What is with this obession with Trump. Any excuse to write something negative about Trump. Perhaps JapanToday should be renamed TrumpToday, or at least rename the "World" section to "Trump".

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Never in the history of the United States has there been such a dishonest President. It is truly shocking, and disappointing. He is orders of magnitude more dishonest than any other American president in history.

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Maybe they feel he blathering of an old demented man should not be labeled a lie. This still doesn’t explain why so many people believe the blathering.

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His lies will cost him his presidency. There are always consequences for one's words and actions. No one is exempt.

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